Why frequently delete WhatsApp cache? Know the reason here

Why should you constantly clean or delete WhatsApp cache? What will happen to my cell phone or mobile device? Have you already done it? Will your cell phone be closed or blocked? If the answer is yes, then you must know this. Many times, when the application crashes, we resort to it. However, there is another reason why you should do it often and here we will tell you about it.

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WhatsApp is the most popular fast messaging app today. According to data from SensorTower, it is above Facebook Messenger and Telegram. For what is this? Well, to the easy use of the platform that, unlike its competitors, tend to use another platform to be able to function.

However, the app is not exempt from failure. This happens many times when we have to update the application or it simply crashed or we can no longer open it.

How to know if a contact who has blocked you is 'online' in WhatsApp

This is how we use the WhatsApp cache. It's pretty easy to go to it, but do you know what happens to your phone every time you delete that data? Here we tell you.



If you see that there is some type of document that has been deleted from your conversations, you can reinstall the app and check if you have an active backup to be able to recover it.


Have you ever made a mistake and pressed the wrong button? Like 'clear cache', WhatsApp has the particularity of containing a series of data camouflaged in its internal codes that, in certain cases, may fix certain problems that have occurred with the app.

Have you ever asked yourself the question? If you pressed 'force stop' in WhatsApp settings, know the truth behind this feature:


WhatsApp is one of the few applications that cares about the experience of its users when immersing themselves in its app, which is why they update frequently, making communication between people more practical and easy. However, not everyone knows how to get the most out of the popular application.

The creators of WhatsApp have developed various tools so that its users can navigate the application at ease. However, this is unknown to a large part of the population, which is why the same company has shared a list of the best tricks developed by the app on its blog.

1. Hands-free voice memos: Just long press the microphone icon and swipe up, you can lock the voice memo function to record, no need to hold the phone with your hands. An option that surprisingly works!

2. Mark main messages: To obtain this option you must use the “star” message function, where you will mark key messages that you will easily see in a central location. All you have to do is press the message you want to save as a favorite and then tap the “star” icon.

If your device is an iPhone, you will be able to find all starred messages by going to Settings and Starred Messages or by selecting the name of the chat and tapping “Starred Messages“. For Android users, they will need to press “More options” and then “ Featured Posts”.

3. Check messages without touching the cell phone: If you want to be able to check WhatsApp without having to use your mobile device, what you have to do is download the WhatsApp web desktop app, which will project your cell phone conversations to a computer . So you can send messages, photos and Gif's without having your computer in your hands.

4. Use stickers in conversations: Emojis are becoming a thing of the past, today stickers offer you a more fun way to express yourself. You can find them in the field where the text is entered in a conversation, in a small square icon with a folded side page, where you can also add your own stickers and bitmojis.

5. Read messages without being online: The option to hide the "Read Receipts" is not the best option if you want the other person not to realize that you have read their message. That is why slightly raising the message on the screen and opening the full text on the iPhone lock screen is your best option to go unnoticed.

6. Manage who can add us to groups: There is nothing more annoying than being added to a group full of unknown people. That is why WhatsApp developed the option to manage who can add us to groups.

7. Have control of your groups: There is a way to change the group settings so that only we can make changes to the image or name of the group. To do this, go to Group Settings and then Edit Group Information.

These are the 7 tricks that you probably do not know. WhatsApp always surprises us with news so it is likely that in a short time we will update our list.


Like every year, WhatsApp has added a new list of emojis to its conversation platform. It recently added the icons of the mate, the paella, the bat, the mototaxi, the tooth, the clown, the ostrich, among other characters and/or objects. This time, thanks to Emojipedia, some of the emoticons that will be part of the application at the end of 2020 have been made public.

¿Por qué eliminar con frecuencia el caché de WhatsApp? Conoce aquí el motivo

According to the Unicode website, the new members of this "select group" were chosen after its Emojis Subcommittee "analyzed thousands of proposals submitted by users" around the world, which had to include the reasons why they should be included. in the list and other data.

Unicode highlighted that among these symbols, which exceed 2,000 in total and have become popular in messaging services for representing feelings and facilitating the expression of ideas, especially in WhatsApp , the emojis that many were claiming will finally arrive. What are the new ones? Here we present them to you.

Among the new faces we will find the emoji that of the happy face with a tear of emotion, also the man with a mustache and pronounced glasses, the clenched hand, people hugging, the ninja are also enabled.

You will also see people in tuxedos, brides, men and women giving bottles to their children, Santa Claus without a mustache, the heart and the lungs.

On the other hand, in the animals section we will find the potted plant, the black cat, the beaver, the face of the polar bear, the bison, the mammoth, the dodo, the feather, the beetle, the seal, the fly, the cockroach , the earthworm, the rock, the wood.

About the food we will find the olive, the blueberry, the pepper, the pita bread, the tamale, the fondue, the bubble tea and the teapot.

Emojipedia also indicated that new places such as the shack, the pickup, the skateboard will be added to WhatsApp. While in the objects section we will have the magic wand, the colored piñata, the Russian doll, the needle and thread, the knot, the sandal, the accordion, the military helmet, the long drum, the coin, the handsaw, the boomerang

Other objects that will also be present are the hook, the screwdriver, the mirror, the ladder, the curtained window, the plunger, the mousetrap, the drumstick, the poster, the toothbrush with toothpaste, and the tombstone.

Finally, other emojis that will arrive on WhatsApp are the flags and the symbols will be the elevator sign, the transgender symbol, the transgender flag.

Last year Unicode had also included fifty new symbols that revolutionized social networks, including the peacock, the flame, an abacus, the superhero profession or the DNA double helix.

According to a global study by the consulting firm Brandwatch on Twitter, emojis are used more by women (61%) than by men (39%) and are mainly used to express positive emotions -three quarters have an optimistic meaning.


Need to talk to a family member or client abroad, but don't know how to add their international code number? WhatsApp has a series of tricks that very few people know. If it is urgent to have a conversation with someone who is far away, then use this tutorial.

The most recurring problem for people is how to add a foreign number to WhatsApp. Is it impossible to do it? Not at all. The app is very clear about its objective: to unite the world without any charge.

To do this, you must follow these steps that will help you a lot to ask the other person for the codes to avoid failing and not being able to chat on WhatsApp .

At the end the number should be like this, for example, if the contact is in the United States (country code “1″) and if it has the area code “408” and the phone number “XXX-XXXX” it should be registered as +1 408 XXX XXXX.


Can't stand being in a WhatsApp group conversation anymore? Are you bored receiving good morning photos, chains of prayers and countless videos from a group that wants to leave you? Well this simple trick is what you are looking for. Many people tend to join these virtual meetings where most of their family members, friends from university, school, the one from moms or dads from school, etc. are.

It may be quite useful, especially when we want to report on a certain piece of news; however, they are sometimes annoying due to the number of messages you receive daily in WhatsApp groups.

And not only that, but also the number of images and videos, which often have nothing to do with the group, cause your cell phone to run out of space to store more things.

That is why here we will show you the trick to be able to leave a WhatsApp group without any of your contacts knowing that you have done it. How it is performed? Follow the steps.

Did you know that there is a trick to get out of a WhatsApp group? Well, there are a series of steps you must take so that everything goes perfectly and no one asks you about the sudden abandonment. This you should do:


Do you want to know who removed you from their contacts? Find out with this trick. Although WhatsApp is one of the most downloaded applications on Google Play , it is also the one that most people are curious about. Many users want to know who their partner is chatting with, if they were ignored or just blocked from the app.

The best thing about this trick is that you don't need any kind of third-party programs that allow you to access that kind of information. Do you want to know how it is done?

For that we leave you this WhatsApp tutorial that will appeal a lot to your creativity and discover if that person no longer has you on their mobile device despite the fact that you still have their number.

Like the trick to find out if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp , there is a method to find out if a person has decided to delete your phone number. It's easy to find out by following these steps:

If you have noticed that one of these tips has disappeared from your friend's WhatsApp, that means that he has decided to delete your number or simply has not registered it. Did you know?


Although in the world of the fast messaging application many users are looking for how to hack a WhatsApp account, in reality this method does not exist. However, there are features that few know and know how to achieve things successfully.

Since the app was created, there have been many times when it has been involved in hacker networks. Do you know if someone is spying on you without you knowing? This is the trick that you must try immediately so that you get out of all hard.

For this, it is not necessary to create another WhatsApp account or download a third-party application. Everything is done from the same company platform that now belongs to Facebook.


In order to hide the word 'forwarded' from a WhatsApp conversation, it is not necessary to download another third-party application, on the contrary, everything is in the same app and it is necessary to carry out these steps:

With these steps you will prevent 'Forward' from appearing in your conversations. The trick is quite simple, it may also be basic, but surely many did not know it.


In days when WhatsApp never ceases to amaze with its new features such as the ability to add a person using the QR code , or the ability to make video calls with up to 50 people , or that not all cell phones will be able to receive its latest update, there are always news so that anyone, wherever they are, can send a photo, video, GIF, voice note, etc., in less than a second so that their contact receives it immediately and they choose whether to send it read or go unnoticed.

How to do it?


If you want to see what your WhatsApp friends have written and that after a few minutes they deleted it, then you must follow these steps today:

What messages can they see again? Among the things that WAMR can help you recover from WhatsApp , we not only find text messages, but it also manages to display photos, videos, and audios that have been deleted.


1. Send photos without losing quality

So that the quality of the photos and videos that you send on WhatsApp does not decrease, all you have to do is change the way you send the file, that is, instead of selecting the “gallery” option, you must choose the option of "document".

2. WhatsApp can be used as a notepad

The instant messaging application allows you to schedule something, make a list or save links of your interest to see them later. For that, a group must be created where the members will later be eliminated and thus their number will remain only in that group. There you can store everything you want without anyone knowing.

3. Use WhatsApp from a landline phone

Almost all smartphones in the world have the application downloaded and there is even WhatsApp web for the computer, but what few knew is that the landline phone can also be used.

This tool is enabled through WhatsApp Business, an application that allows companies to contact customers directly. When downloading the application, instead of adding the phone number, you must add the landline number, which will allow you to receive calls directly to that device.

4. Schedule WhatsApp messages

Programming can be done by downloading an application that allows messages to be sent automatically. Wasavi, is a safe that complements WhatsApp. You just have to download it, grant the permissions it requires and thus start programming the messages.


To begin with, you should know that you have to have a trusted friend on WhatsApp at hand and that they have that person blocked in their contacts. Then do the following:

Remember that if that person leaves the group created in WhatsApp, you should know that you will never see his or her profile picture again or communicate with him or her unless they add you to another.


To mark a message as highlighted, the first thing you should do is open a WhatsApp conversation or group and press and hold the phrase or writing you want to save.


For this you have two alternatives in WhatsApp and here we detail them:

Click on the name of it and look for the option 'starred messages' and there you will find everything you saved about that conversation.

If you don't remember what chat you were looking for, there is also a solution. Go to the WhatsApp settings and enter the "starred messages" option in the case of iOS and if you have Android, on the main chat screen, click on the settings button and choose the corresponding option.

Now that you know how to activate starred messages and not lose your important conversations, you can search for them whenever you need them or delete those that are no longer useful to you. One thing to know is that the other person won't know you've saved something, and there's no limit to the number of phrases you want to archive.

How to download Among US stickers

Among Us is already on WhatsApp! The popular video game has reached the messaging application for smartphones. Its success is so great that external elements such as stickers have begun to appear. The unique characters of the game can now be used as stickers during conversations with your friends, family and other contacts. Here we show you how to get them.

Among Us is an online multiplayer video game developed by InnerSloth and released on June 15, 2018. The game has a group of players aboard a spaceship, each taking on one of two roles , most being teammates. crew and some are impostors.

The objective of the crewmen is to identify the impostors and expel them from the ship while maintaining the ship's functions, and the objective of the impostors is to kill all the crewmen or sabotage the ship without being identified. The game can be played with voice chat or text chat.

Although it was initially released in 2018 with very little reception from netizens, the game received a huge influx of popularity in 2020 as many famous Twitch streamers started playing it. A sequel was also announced in 2020, in response to the acceptance of the original.

If you want to get these stickers for your cell phone, this is what you have to do:

WhatsApp: how to see if the contact that has blocked you is 'online'

For this it is necessary to have a friend who also has said person registered on his cell phone . We will then ask you to create a group with you, your partner and the user who blocked you. Then do the following:

Remember that you do not need to download a third-party application to perform these WhatsApp steps. Although most of them promise to perform this trick, it can lead to the theft of information and your conversations in the background.


If you talk a lot with your coworker, partner or family member and they exchange photos, videos, GIFs, animated stickers, with sound, among other types of multimedia content, this will take its toll on you. How do I know? Follow these steps:

How to know the location of your contact while chatting

With this you will be able to know if he is in a dangerous place, if he is about to reach his destination or if he gave you false information and is still quite far from the agreed place. How to get it? Here we leave you the step by step of what you should do and, best of all, without having to download any extra application.

The first thing is to ask your contact to share their location. If you have an Andoid mobile you will have to follow this:

If you choose the second option, you will be able to know where he is moving while you continue talking. Time intervals such as 15 minutes, one hour or 8 hours can be used and to deactivate it you have to do it manually.

WhatsApp Web: trick to read messages without the double blue check appearing

A trick that never fails to read messages without activating the double blue check is to leave the mouse over the conversation without opening it. The preview of the new messages will appear automatically and you will see what they have sent you without having to enter the chat.


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