Valentine's 2022: 15 ideal gifts for each type of couple

As every year, on February 14, Valentine's Day is the perfect occasion to remember that person we want so much for us, either with a gesture, a dinner or a gift, for example.

Although the simple fact of thinking and looking for what our partner may like is already a detail in itself to take into account, that does not make the perfect gift less terrifying when ideas do not occur.

Tastes, hobbies, preferences, work, customs and routines of our partner, as well as the maximum budget we have, are just some of the details to take into account when we try to find the ideal gift.

To put that task a little easier now that you are still in time to value all the options, from the buyer of the avant -garde we have prepared a small gift guide with which you can inspire you whatever the tastes of your crush or in love.

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If we want to surprise with a gift that will surely not forget all those who live totally connected to several devices simultaneously, this intelligent Apple brand clock is the ideal option.In addition, it is currently reduced.

Although it is not the newest model of the American technological giant, it is one of the most complete and versatile.For many, it continues to stand out for its quality.

In addition to having great precision functions such as heart rate measurement and blood pressure, daily exercise control and burned calories, this smartwatch has GPS function and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection, which will make it compatible with any other deviceintelligent we have already.

Also as great attractions are the fact that we can receive notifications of almost any messaging app of our mobile, control music and respond or make phone calls without touching our smartphone at any time.

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28% reduced (€ 30)

For the most flirtatious: Cuting 14 in 1 of Philips

For those who are unable to leave home without shaving or without having retouched the beard, we will be sure if we give them a trimmer like this, which has 14 functions in one.

In addition to shaving or cutting the hair of our face and body, it also serves to eliminate excess hair in other parts such as nose and ears.

Thanks to the powerful battery of this machine, after a load of about an hour we will enjoy up to two hours of autonomy during operation

For comfort, we can choose between the 8-guide that this product includes, which will allow us to customize the cut and adjust it to our preferences.

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10% reduced

For the most presumed: Tommy Hilfiger shirt

If what we want with our gift is to have a detail with a person who takes care of his image and is always impeccable everywhere, investing in a brand garment like this, which is also almost at half price, is a great opportunity.

This Tommy Hilfiger shirt will help us both to dress for a romantic dinner as a couple, and to go to celebrations, meetings or work.

Due to its composition with 97% cotton, this is a breathable and especially comfortable garment that also feels wonderful in almost any type of body either with jeans, suit or pitillos pants, for example.

This same shirt model is also available in three other colors - white, black and navy blue - and is sold in sizes from the XS to the XXL.

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7% reduced

For the most seductive: Calvin Klein underwear set

San Valentín 2022: 15 regalos ideales para cada tipo de pareja

To put the Valentine's night more interesting or renew the underwear drawer with quality and brand garments, this Calvin Klein underwear set will be a great candidate to also give our partner.

These boxers, made with 95% cotton and a small percentage of elastane, are a basic for which you will not have to give up the style, comfort and durability

In addition to being available in numerous combinations of three colors, including the basic black, white and gray, we will find size available for men from the XS to the XL.

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For the most 'fit': home exercise kit

All those fans of the exercise, will also greatly appreciate to receive a gift like this, focused on growing their passion from home now that gyms are again a closer for restrictions.

This Kit 5 in 1 will allow us to train in the best possible way thanks to the abdominal wheel, the bars of flexions, the jumping rope, the hand strengthening and the training mat.

With the routines that this set will facilitate us, we can from training the shoulder muscles, to exercising the chest, making arms, strengthening the abdomen, improving our physical shape, burning fat and much more.

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17% reduced

For the most brewers: Indian craft beer production kit

This is a very original and perfect gift for the great fans of artisan beer, kitchen, crafts or the DIY concept.With this kit, our lover will have all the tools to make an Indian Pale Ale (IPA) beer, light, fresh and foamy at home.

The set to make beer includes a sterilizing envelope, 21 hammer chapter crown, fermentary cube with cover, tap and joints, airlock, sugar dosing, digital thermometer and instruction manual with all the steps to make your beer.

In 8 simple steps, without previous knowledge, you can obtain a spectacular craft beer and very special with 4.7% vol.alcohol.

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40% reduced

For the 'geeks' of care and cosmetics: Flapter Forming Cleaning Brush

For all those women who always have beauty routines of a thousand and one steps to keep the skin in their maximum splendor, a product of these characteristics will be a success for Valentine's Day.

This popular Cleaning and Facial Care brush Luna Mini 2 of Foreo is a world -winning device worldwide, so it is a great bargain that we can now take it with a 25% discount.

Among the qualities that have taken it to the top is that this product eliminates 99.5% of dirt, fat and makeup remains, remove dead cells and clean the pores without irritating the skin.

Just using it for a minute every day with the right products will be more than enough to notice the difference and get care of and balance the skin.

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For the most readers: Kindle with frontal light

To give our partner a thousand and trips and stories without the need to leave home, a fantastic option will be to buy an electronic book with which to immerse yourself in reading and leave the real world behind for a few hours.

This specific model of the Kindle brand carries an adjustable integrated light that allows us to read for hours inside and outside the home, both day and night without that damaging us.

In addition to its great storage capacity, which will allow us to have thousands of books in a very small space, we must also highlight that the battery presents improvements that make it extremely attractive.With a single load we can read for weeks.

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18% reduced

For the most presumed: GHD Gold Styler Professional iron

If our partner is a person who loves to always be impeccable and who spends a lot of time taking care of his hair, this is our star product.

The GHD plates, the most coveted in the market, will be a safe bet for the quality standards they offer and the satisfaction of all its clients.

This particular model, the Gold Professional Styler, is ideal for long hair, short or half mane and for smooth hair, with waves or curly.

In addition to this, this plate offers a dual-zone heat technology that incorporates two sensors (one per plate) that guarantee an optimal 180ºC hairstyle temperature of roots to tips.

Also highlight on this product we have its great speed.With its heating in 25 seconds, our GHD will be ready to use before we realize.

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For the 'yogis': non -slip mat for yoga

If our partner is one of those people who like to find a moment of the day to relax, meditate or do yoga, a good ally will always be an non -slip mat.

These types of products offer an ideal padded for those postures in which you have to be on the floor and grip enough so that there are no slippery or accidents.

The material with which it is made, in addition to guaranteeing enough lightness to be able to take the mat everywhere, is more ecological.

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For the most flirtatious: Tous Sweet Doll bracelet with baroque pearls and gold

If our girlfriend, woman or special person is flirtatious and we know that a single detail is never missing, we can give it with a special jewel like this Tous bracelet, original and special like her.

This design combines baroque pearls in several shades in addition to target (such as gray, bluish or brown) and a small pimp with the 18 kt gold brand in gold.

Thanks to the certificate of authenticity and Tous guarantee, we will know that we are giving an authentic piece that can use many years to give a simple touch of style or a more extreme detail if combined with another series of bracelets.

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For loves of bags: Black Tommy Hilfiger Cap

Thinking about those couples who love to release a bag and, in addition, that it is branded, we have selected this model of Tommy Hilfiger, a very versatile model that never goes out of style.

This design in Capazo format, has space to put everything we can need.In addition, to load it more easily it has a short handle or long handle.

The synthetic exterior, like the handles, is black, although it carries details in gold such as buckles to shorten and extend the strips and brand logo.

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To enjoy together:

We-Vibe Sync couples vibrator

If we want to take the game as a couple to another level, We-Vibe makes it very easy to do things more interesting than ever with the Sync Vibrator, a perfect gift for this Valentine's Day.

This toy, when placed inside the vagina during penetration, will stimulate the key areas of the couple simultaneously or separately through their ten powerful vibration modes, controllable with a command and with an application.Thanks to the second option, it is also perfect for distance couples that Quwe-Vibe Sync vibrator would feel closer than ever for an intimate moment.

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Fire TV Stick device with Alexa voice command

If our TV still has rope and we do not feel the need to change it but we want to modernize it, we can get a small ally at the height like this Fire TV Stick as a gift to enjoy together with movie sessions, movies, music and much more.

This streaming multimedia content player has 50 % more power than the 2019 model, so it offers rapid reproduction and more powerful Full HD quality.In addition, it is compatible with the main streaming applications: Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, Disney+, Dazn, Atresplayer, Mitele ...

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Robot Wi-Fi Irobot Roomba 981

Finally, if we want to be as practical as possible and that our gift serves to facilitate the day to day and take out task at home, we can get a vacuum robot like this 981 Roomba, from Irobot, which now has a spectacular discount of € 620.

For your Wi-Fi connection, we can control the robot from anywhere, schedule cleaning, define the type of program we want and see the advance.In addition, we will receive maintenance tips and tricks for use.

They are also very practical are the Dirt detect sensors that incorporates this robot model, which recognize the areas where more dirt is concentrated for the robot to clean them in depth.

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* Updated prices on January 24, 2022

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