The Free Android how to copy and paste text between your Android mobile and Windows with SwiftKey

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Clipt is a great app for synchronizing text, files, and images between various devices from the cloud, but now has SwiftKey as another great competitor by premiering copying and pasting text between Android and Windows devices.

And the truth is that this new feature works well to copy a text on your Android mobile and paste it immediately on your Windows PC. In our case we tried it on Windows 11 and it's scary.

SwiftKey with clipboard in the cloud

If you have the latest version of SwiftKey for Android you will be able to release a new feature to copy and paste text between your Android mobile and your Windows PC.

From SwiftKey version you will enjoy a feature called Cloud clipboard that perfectly explains Microsoft from its support page.

Suggestion of glued in SwiftKeyEl Free Android

El Androide Libre Cómo copiar y pegar texto entre tu móvil Android y Windows con SwiftKey

You must know that SwiftKey was acquired by Microsoft 5 years ago, so it is understood that Redmond's boys want to improve the experience of a keyboard app widely used on our phones.

A function we've had in beta since last summer, but now it goes to the stable channel so that anyone can enjoy clipboard in the cloud.

In this way, Microsoft continues to improve its Android keyboard that received another important novelty with Microsoft to do to add quick notes from the app on our mobile.

How to activate SwiftKey to copy and paste text between Android and Windows

In order to make use of this great novelty, we have to use the same Microsoft email account, be it Outlook or Hotmail, that we use on our Windows computer.

We also need a PC with at least the version of Windows 10 2018 or higher. If we go with Windows 11, it's better than better.

We go with the steps to properly configure SwiftKey on our mobile as well as on our PC:

Go to enriched writing on SwiftKeyEl Free Android

You log on to Microsoft on SwiftKeyEl Free Android

Let's set clipboard in settings on Windows 11Free Android

We activate the synchronization of the Free Android

In fact, you're going to find a glued suggestion just when you open the keyboard again so you can paste it immediately from your cell phone.

Microsoft clarifies that everything that is copied between the devices is encrypted and not stored in the service. Just like it's not associated with your Microsoft account.

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