Valve steam deck: launch date, price, features and how to book one

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(Pocket -Lint) - The Steam Deck of Valve, which has been rumored for a long time, is now official.Well almost.The portable game device similar to switch would be launched later this year in the USA and the United Kingdom, but Valve delayed the launch two months.

This is what you need to know.

What is Valve Steam Deck?

Have you ever wanted to play more of your favorite PC games on Switch?

Well, in July 2021, Valve presented Steam Deck, a portable PC for games that could revolutionize the portable market in a big way.

With Steam Deck, you can access your entire Steam library existing immediately after logging.Execute a modified ste, which allows you to download and play games like Doom Eternal.It also allows you to install and operate PC software on it, including a web browser, other games stores such as Epic Games Store and video transmission services.It even connects to a monitor and game peripherals such as a keyboard and a mouse, or a controller.

And, due to its cloud -saved function, you can collect without problems stored files from the game between your Steam Deck and the PC.


What includes Valve Steam Deck?


Steam Deck has a 1280 x 800 -inch touch screen to play 720p.It is enabled to play to allow you to control the appropriate games that way too.


In terms of power, each Steam Deck offers the same power 16 GB of RAM LPDDR5 and an AMD APU that contains a four -core CPU 2 with eight subprocesses and eight computing units of AMD RDNA graphics 2. However, there are three levelsDifferent storage available: 64 GB EMMC storage, SSD NVME storage of 256 GB and high -speed SSD NVME storage of 512 GB.You can also expand storage by microSD on any of the models.

Steam Deck has 16 GB of unified LPDDR5 memory, with a total of 88 GB/s bandwidth.Apparently, the GPU will have access to up to 8 GB of that shared memory.

Other features include built-in microphones, a gyroscope for movement controls and a "40-watt-hour battery that provides several hours of game time for most games."Valve says that Steam Deck can load and play at the same time and will come with a 45 watt feeding source.

We have also heard that it will aim at 30FPS in the games as the expected minimum yield, although that will surely vary according to the title.

It has a USB-C port that offers compatibility with external screens for up to two 4K monitors at 60 Hz. The specifications also mean that Steam Deck will admit AMD Fidelityfx Super Resolution, which will allow an improvement similar to the NVIDIA DLSS.

Control s

Valve Steam Deck: fecha de lanzamiento, precio, características y cómo reservar uno

Steam Deck has two joysticks and two Steam Controller style trackpads under the joystick that can imitate the feeling of using a mouse.The front of the portable machine also has ABXY buttons and a D-Pad.Similar to switch, Steam Deck comes with two shoulder triggers on each side, and there are four rear buttons (two on each side) for even more options.


Steam Deck offers access to the Steam library and runs a version of Steam OS that is optimized for mobile games.The operating system is actually based on Linux.In fact, Steam Deck can be used as a complete Linux computer by more advanced users.Valve said you can connect a mouse, keyboard and monitor, in addition to installing PC software on it, navigating the web and using it to access other game stores.It has saved in the cloud for the synchronization of files between devices, and has a suspension/resumption function to force the device suspension mode.

Other features include chat, notifications and the ability to transmit games to Steam Deck directly from its PC through the Remote Play de Valve function.


Valve plans to sell a base that you can use to prop up a Steam Deck to connect it to external screens or televisions.However, it is not mandatory and will also be launched a little after the console, since it has not yet been shown.Valve said Steam Deck can be connected to his television, monitor or "even his old CRT if he has the right cables."The Stem Deck comes with USB-C ports that contain HDMI, Ethernet and USB data, as well as Bluetooth.

Other information from Steam Deck that we have learned

In the pages of frequent questions, Valve has answered a series of hot questions:

Would Valve be interested in having an exclusive Steam Deck title?

No, that doesn't make much sense to us.It is a PC and should only play games like a PC.

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How many sound channels Steam Deck admits?

We admit two when we use integrated speakers, but we admit multichannel when we use HDMI or Bluetooth.

Are there plans to add 5G or LTE at this time?

There are no plans to add cell phone, however, you can always connect to your phone.

How much vram does Steam Deck have?

Steam Deck has 16 unified memory gigabytes.A gigabyte dedicated to the GPU, but depending on the workload, the GPU can access up to 8 GB.

Will Steam Deck's performance different, depending on whether it is plugged in or works with battery?

We focus on providing the full available performance of the APU with both the battery and when it is plugged in.Our expectation is that the performance is the same in all areas in any configuration.

DECK only admits full screen mode?

Steam Deck will automatically run the games on full screen by default.However, if you go to the desk, you can run games in window mode.

Will Steam Deck be compatible with virtual reality?

Technically it is possible.We have seen people manipulate it, but we do not design or optimize Steam Deck for VR.

Will AMD FSR be incorporated to Steam Deck?

FSR is now available for some applications that admit it.The games that already include FSR will work as is, but FSR compatibility will also be included as part of a future version of the operating system.Once that happens, the games could use FSR even if the games themselves do not admit it natively.

Is Steam Deck compatible with local/cooperative multiplayer of sofa?

You can definitely play local cooperative in Steam Deck in different ways.You can connect controllers through Bluetooth or directly through USB.You can also play with Remote Play Together, where other players are in other covers or PC.

When will Steam Deck be available in more countries?

We are still finishing plans with a lot of other countries and territories.There is still nothing solid to announce or confirm, but we can say that we are working very hard for Steam Deck to be available in Japan and Australia.


How much does Valve Steam Deck cost?

There are different Steam Deck models with a price of $ 399, $ 529 and $ 649 in the US. In the United Kingdom, these models cost £ 349, £ 459 and £ 569.

The models and their prices increase depending on their preferred storage and processing speed.


When will Valve Steam Deck launch?

Valve recently announced that he will begin to send his long -awaited Steam Deck portable console next month.

According to the company's blog and a tweet, Steam Deck will go on sale from February 25, 2022. Customers who have reservations will receive an email notification that day and have three days to make an order.The emails will be sent in the same order in which the reservations were made and can only buy the Steam Deck model that originally reserved.Valve will launch new lots every week for those who obtained a reservation.

Your reserve tank will be applied and shipping costs are included, said Valve.Orders made on the 25th will begin to be sent on the 28th.

Keep in mind that Valve announced Steam Deck for the first time in July 2021, with the promise that it would begin to be sent in December.Valve finally delayed his release date two months due to problems with the supply chain.But now it seems that this was the only delay.Valve also allows you to book Steam Deck for $ 5.

However, if you reserve now, the order page currently indicates that you can expect "after the second quarter of 2022".


How to book Valve Steam Deck

The reservations were opened for the first time in July 2021, initially, for users who had made purchases in Steam before June 2021. The three options were available to book.They are still available, in fact, although the delivery date is now distant: it will obtain its console at some point after the second quarter of 2022 if you reserve one at this time.

There is a reimbursable reserve rate of $ 5 and a limit of a reservation per person.Note that this is not an anticipated order;Simply put it in a tail to order the device.When the inventory is available, customers will be notified in the order in which reservations were made to make their purchase.

Where will Valve Steam Deck be available?

The first Steam Deck units will be launched in the US, Canada, the EU and the United Kingdom in February 2022, and other areas will continue later in the year.