So you can add Bluetooth speakers to your LG smart tv

From the adjustments

The steps can slightly change from one TV to another depending on the model you have but the process will be very similar in any case.

We must take into account that if it is the first time you connect this Bluetooth device you will have to choose “device selection” reached to this point.Here you will look for what devices are near you and you can link them when you touch on "search."Keep in mind that we must follow the instructions of each speaker.We will generally have to press for a few seconds or minutes a button that allows us to activate the "link" mode.Once they are linked, we only choose it from the list.

In the “Bluetooth” menu we will see all the devices that have been previously connected.If it is an apparatus that you have already connected previously it will appear on the list and we will simply have to choose.Once you have selected the device you want from all that is available, a notification will appear on the TV that will indicate that the connection has been made successfully.You will see at the top something like "name of the device is connected."And you can start using it normally until you repeat the process to connect another.

For you

We can also use the voice control of the TV using the Magic Control.Not all brand televisions have this command but you can follow these steps if yours is compatible and have control of the voice.It is faster and you will barely take a few seconds to connect any device you want or have by hand.

Así puedes añadir altavoces por Bluetooth a tu Smart TV de LG

Simply see the Magic Control and hold the microphone icon in the control.Once you are pressed, you must say "Bluetooth" and automatically scan what devices there are near and are compatible.A notification on the screen will appear that will ask you if you want to connect to *device name *.Confirm and a message on the screen will appear indicating that it has been linked correctly.You can start using it normally.

Reproduce content

We can reproduce content through Bluetooth in a simple way.That is, we can send content to the mobile or computer TV to reproduce.Here what we do is not connect a speaker or a sound bar or headphones but the process is just the opposite: we look for a device to send content to the TV and start listening to music.For example, through Spotify and controlling from the mobile phone.

What you will have to do at that time is to go to your mobile phone or tablet and connect to the Bluetooth.The process will vary depending on the model or operating system but sees the wireless connection section and the devices we can connect from here will appear.Among them, you will see the name of your TV and you should simply touch to connect.Both devices will be linked and we will simply access a player on the TV that gives us option to control music, listen to what we want, etc.

Other devices

If you do not want to connect a headset or mobile phone but you simply want to know how to connect a bluetooth device of any kind, a video game control or a keyboard, we can access the user guide of linked devices where we will see all the available options and the complete process , Step by Step.

When you choose the device that interests you, on TV you will see a step -by -step guide on what we should do to connect.It is interesting to keep in mind that there is this guide in case all the steps explained above do not work for your device or if you are looking for other options such as USB connector, share screen ...