OnePlus atrial mode.Do you know everything you can do for you?

This will leave us with all the options of the mentioned panel.Some adjustments to which we will be able to return whenever we want to compensate for the changes, customize them in another way or in general adapt them again.

The first option that we are within the OnePlus atrial mode is called automatic reproduction and what you do as you can imagine is to start multimedia content.This is very useful to save the intermediate step of having to open the music app again and start playback.A way to lighten the process and go directly to what interests us.

With a similar purpose, but focused on calls, we find the intelligent response option.In this case, it is devised above all for wireless headphones, allowing us to respond to the calls we are instantly receiving that the connection and the headphones are carried out.If we go down the street and receive a call, you just have to turn on the headphones, place them in the ears and talk without even touching the mobile.

Another circumstances in which OnePlus's atrial mode will be of great help for our day to day is based on the option called "Notification tone in headphones."From here we will be able to decide whether we want notifications to sound in our headphones always, never or with a notification that does not bother and that is less intrusive than other classical alternatives can be.

Finally, but not least there is also an option created to balance mobile sounds and headphones.With this activated option, the volume will be synchronized so as not to take an unpleasant surprise that could damage our ears.

Modo auricular de OnePlus. ¿Sabes todo lo que puede hacer por tí?

Dolby Atmos, es otro extra que aunque no está dentro del menú para auriculares de OnePlus sí que se cuela en OxygenOS para los smartphones de la marca. Una manera de optimizar el sonido de los auriculares y de los altavoces estéreo dentro de Ajustes > Sonido > Dolby Atmos. Sea lo que sea que escuchas, te recomendamos que le eches un vistazo y actives uno de los muchos modos de sonido disponibles.

Why don't the options in my OnePlus work?

En caso de que hayas seguido todos los pasos y te estás encontrando con un fallo que no aplica ninguna de las novedades que hemos concedido anteriormente, es posible que haya un problema puntual. Para solucionarlo, tan solo tendremos que desvincular los auriculares y volverlos a vincular, un proceso que hacemos dentro de Ajustes > Conexiones. Esto sucede porque los cambios no han sido capaces de aplicarse si ya estaba sonando mucho por los auriculares y en otras ocasiones por un mero error puntual.

But if the situation continues, we will have to restart the headphones also the mobile.Something simple that is based on turning them off and turning them out for the connection to be carried out, we can enjoy those OnePlus's own options that turn our basic headphones in all experts without having had to spend too much money on them.

Is it compatible with all headphones?

Unlike other advanced options that we have seen in other Android smartphones, OnePlus offers compatibility with virtually any type of headphones.It doesn't matter if we have the headband classics, in-stroke headphones with cables or wireless.

The OnePlus customization layer has been specially developed in this way so that we can squeeze these options without having to spend more money on specific headphones.Therefore, nothing must be done in particular to connect them, it will only be necessary to resort to the audio jack in case of having it, at the USB type C input if it is the method of our headphones or to the Bluetooth connection.An option that is appreciated to get by software on the mobile and for a price even on the smartphone what many need or want.

Is it more mobile?

Although Oppo, Realme and OnePlus share many options, this is not the case.The function called atrial mode is only integrated into oxygenos at the moment, making the difference to many more small possibilities in the other brands.But this in turn does not appear in more Android models or on the iPhone.

The closest thing that we are going to find and a way of accessing similar, but not identical and complete options is in the apps of some headphones.The most premium brands offer exclusive applications from where we will be able to improve the experience, but in the case of OnePlus it will not be necessary to have a specific brand as we already mentioned.