Lenovo's new smartwatch integrates Alexa and sits on a light base inspired by sea creatures

Lenovo's smart home ecosystem has been expanded with new accessories such as an Alexa-enabled smart clock and a light base with designs inspired by sea creatures, along with new features from the company's smart framework.

Lenovo has presented within the framework of the CES 2022 fair the new Smart Clock Essential with Alexa, a smart clock that allows you to set timers, alarms and reminders with the help of the digital assistant, as well as manage the connected devices that are in the home and that are compatible.

This watch has an LED screen where you can check the time and weather forecast. It has a 3W full-range speaker that emits sound from the front and microphones to interact with Alexa -which can be deactivated with the switch it incorporates-, but it does not have cameras.

El nuevo reloj inteligente de Lenovo integra Alexa y se asienta sobre una base de luz inspirada en criaturas marinas

Smart Clock Essential features a one-piece design covered in soft fabric, which is available in two colors, blue and red. It also has a USB port to charge the mobile phone. It will arrive from March or April 2022 and will have a starting price of 79 dollars.

This clock is complemented by the Ambient Light Dock, another addition to Lenovo's ecosystem of smart accessories. It can be used as a night light on the base of the clock to get ambient light in the room with eight lighting modes, as well as colored rhythmic motion lighting.

It is available in two designs, one inspired by an octopus and the other by a sea lion, and will be available for purchase from April 2022, starting at $34.

The company has renewed the Lenovo Smart Frame, which no longer requires a Google Photos online account, but only the phone to load the images in the memory that integrates this device. It also allows you to leave virtual sticky notes, which can be programmed, and it is compatible with video channels, both from the phone's local library and from the Google Photos account, in addition, it will be compatible with Instagram.

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