How to use your old Android mobile as a security camera


As we have already told you, it must always be with connection, so it would be convenient to put a SIM card so that you always have data coverage, just in case the light goes and the wifi does not work.

In addition, it should be close to a plug to be able to connect it to the electricity network permanently, since it is not that the battery matters too much at first.

Already, finally, it is convenient to leave it with the minimum possible applications, since we do not want it to be saturated in its memory, in the RAM, or in internal storage, since we will both need them in the best possible way.

Once we have all this clear is the time to see what are the main Android applications that will allow us to put our smartphone to function as if it were a security camera.


It is a very simple application to handle and with undeniable quality.

It is as easy as installing camy on the Android phone that you are going to use a surveillance camera, and then install it on the smartphone from which we are going to handle it, ending up reading a QR code of the first terminal to synchronize them and thus have a distance control.

We will be able to see everything that happens in the house totally live, but you can also record, change from one camera to another (front or rear) activate a movement detection system and even work at night, since it carries a filterof low lighting.

Another good thing that Camy has is that it can be downloaded for free, although there is a payment version that removes the ads and can broadcast at 1080p.

Athome Camera

Cómo usar tu viejo móvil Android como cámara de seguridad

This is an application that can function as a baby monitor, pet, elderly care and, of course, for security camera.

Something very interesting is that it can also be used from the computer, so the control is even more complete.

With Ahome Camera, the home can be monitored from anywhere we are, in addition to receiving alerts in the case of the app has detected any type of problem.

Video transmission uses P2P transfer technology to protect our intimacy.In addition, it uses an AI system to control everything that happens and not give false positives, learning more the longer it passes.

It incorporates a night vision system with which we can control everything even at night.

Another interesting facet is the fact of being able to interact with people who could be on the other side of the camera, something that allows us through the emitter device speakers.

It is interesting that you also have a cloud service to save videos in addition to a multipant service to see up to 4 at the same time.


Alfred is an application that can be transmitted 24 hours a day and 7 days a week without any problem, with a good quality live.

We will notify us of any movement that detects so that we are informed of everything that happens, in addition to having unlimited space in the cloud to download, share and even play videos.

It equips a low light filter that makes the night visualization quite good and can continue to control the stay where we have placed the smartphone that makes a surveillance chamber.

The Walkie Talkie function serves to establish a communication between the two devices, the issuer and for which we are seeing the image.This is a good way to communicate with someone who is in the house or with possible thieves who could enter to, thus try to dissuade them.

It also has a series of very interesting additions such as being able to zoom to bring the image closer, a system of reminders that we can program ourselves, in addition to indicating any incidence through an alarm.

We have all this for free with this application, for which we will not have to disburse anything, just download it to Google Play Store, install it and put ourselves to enjoy it to control that stay we want.

As you have been able to read, make our smartphone a surveillance chamber is extremely simple and that does not imply the slightest problem, in addition to having free applications that will help us perfectly for this need.