How to use cable headphones on phones ... no headphones output

The disadvantages of the loss of Headphone Jack

For many audiophiles, the progressive withdrawal of the Headphone Jack of the smartphones was not a good idea.It began as a brilliant idea of Apple to sell its wireless headphones and extended to the rest of the manufacturers, which alleged that they eliminated it for "space issues to gain battery."Some manufacturers even asked their clientele whether or not they maintained the port of headphones, something that turned out to be a failure, because they eliminated it (only adding also the anger of many people).

The elimination of the headphones port has brought more problems than solutions.After all, when we had the Headphone Jack we could already connect any Bluetooth headset to our mobile if we wanted.When withdrawing it, we are simply forced to go through the box to buy a new product.Similarly, we have lost the possibility of quickly connecting an audio device to the mobile (Bluetooth match is not exactly the fastest technology in the west), while we have lost compatibility and sound quality.

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