How to use Alexa as speaker

In Spain, smart speakers are nothing new. Since Alexa and OK! Google released its versions, there hasn't been a stop and new smart devices have been popping up to make life a little easier.

Today we'll talk about Alexa, because she has us in love with her angelic voice and we love the way she whispers to us when we do. We love it because it does everything, the only thing you haven't taken practice in yet is sweeping and mopping. But, watch out! That, if you buy a Roomba or similar with artificial intelligence, we solve this issue.

The fact is that of so many functions that they have, we sometimes forget that we can also use Alexa as a speaker. We Don't mean "Alexander, open my spotify list." We know that it does great, we mean to be able to send from our phone or PC, whatever audio we want to hear. That is, we mean using Alexa as an external speaker, as a Bluetooth speaker.

We explained Alexa's use as speaker.

The first thing you need to know is that it's not the same steps you have to take if you're going to connect your mobile phone, as if you're going to connect your computer. But first, let's talk to you about the Alexa Amazon device in general, and what it's like to use it as a Bluetooth speaker.

To begin with, we will tell you that any of the Amazon echo currently on the market allows it, thanks to Alexa's integrated use, and, of course, thanks to domotics. In addition, if you are not satisfied with the audio that Alexa offers you, you can also take a 3.5 mm Jack cable and connect it to another speaker you have or to a sound bar and enjoy a more invasive experience.

Amazon doesn't tell you right away, when you buy a Alexa device, that you're going to be able to use it on Bluetooth loudspeaker, but the truth is that it's very useful and we haven't been able to succumb to the temptation to investigate it and share it with you. But how is the configuration process you have to perform? We'll tell you at the next point.

How to use Alexa as Bluetooth speaker for Windows

Cómo usar Alexa como altavoz

The process is simple. In less than 5 minutes you will be able to enjoy Alexa's built-in speaker. Follow the following steps:

1. Access the website with the user and password you used for your device.

2. Go to the configuration section and search for the Amazon echo device you want to use as a Bluetooth speaker.

3. Click on the "link a new device" button.

4. Now you must go to Windows Bluetooth configuration options and search for the device.

5. When your Amazon echo appears on the screen, give it to link and you've got it!

Just make sure your Alexa is connected to the WiFi to connect automatically.

How to use Alexa as Bluetooth speaker for Mac

On Mac, things are very similar. The first steps are practically the same.

1. Access the website with the same user and password that you used to configure your device, search for your device, follow the instructions until you link... But, you know, Mac's configuration is different from that of other computers. So we tell you the following steps that are slightly different:

2. Click on the Apple menu (the apple logo).

3. Click on "System preferences".

4. Activate Bluetooth and then tell Alexa the following: "Alex, match."

5. Your echo device will be on your Mac. Hit him to connect.

6. Go back to the Apple menu, back to "System preferences" and now to sound. That's where your echo device will show up and it'll be ready to use as a Bluetooth speaker.

If you see it doesn't match, it may be because Alexa has the Bluetooth disabled, tell her to activate and fix it.

How to use Alexa as a Bluetooth speaker for mobile phones

Here we also have to make a distinction between Android devices and IOS devices. But calm or quiet is just as easy in both cases:

On iPhone

1. Open the settings and go to Bluetooth.

2. Activate it if you Don't already have it and go down to the button where it says "other devices"

3. Search among the devices, your Alexa device when you first do the next step we specify below.

On Android (the process varies depending on the manufacturer)

1. Open the settings, click on connections and go directly to Bluetooth.

2. Activate Bluetooth if you still didn't have it active.

3. Tap the scan button or match new device and wait for the next step.

From here, the steps are the same for both Android and iPhone:

4. Speak up the phrase "Alexa paired" or "Alexander, Bluetooth activated". He'll start blinking with a blue light and that'll mean he's looking.

5. After a few seconds, the echo device ready to link should appear on your phone.

6. Now, every time you want Alexa to connect to your phone, you just have to tell her. "Alexander, connect to [device name].

We hope we helped you so you could start using Alexa as a Bluetooth speaker. From now on, it will be great to be able to watch series from your phone or listen to music coming out of your smartphone: from YouTube, from some website Alexa cannot directly access...

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