How to configure your Amazon echo show step by step

We are going to explain how to configure your Echo Show device, so that you know all the steps you are going to have to give it to operation in the event that you have bought one.We are going to use the Echo Show 10 as a base, the device that is characterized because its screen revolves so that it is always face to you and that you can see it.

To configure your device, you will need to have a Amazon account to link it.In the event that you have not bought the echo show but that they have given it to you, it is recommended that you go to and you register to synchronize the data in your account.You do not need to make a first user user, it is worth a normal account.

All Echo Show are devices that include a touch screen, so the configuration will be played on the device screen without needing any extra application.The last steps of this guide have to do with the screen turn, so it only serves the new model with screen that moves.But the previous steps serve everyone.

Set your echo show step by step

The first thing you have to do is put the device in an adequate place, especially if you have an echo 10 that moves, and plug it in.Then press the ignition button.The Amazon Echo Show will turn on, and after showing the Amazon logo it will take you for a few seconds to a load screen before starting to configure it.You just have to do the configuration the first time I light it.

On the first screen you get, you will have to choose the language you want to use.This will be the language of both the interface and the menus and everything, and some functions may not be available in some languages.

Once you have chosen the language you want to use, the device will have to connect to the Internet to start configuring.Therefore, the next step is to choose your house's wifi on the list shown in order to establish the connection.

Cómo configurar tu Echo Show de Amazon paso a paso

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You will go to a screen that you have to write the password of your wifi, and when you finish, you will go to a summary screen in which all you have to do is press the Connect button to start the connection.Remember to leave the option to save the password on Amazon so you don't ask for it again, and be able to use it in other devices where you have the same Amazon account.

Once you have connected correctly to the wifi, the next step is to log in with your Amazon account.Therefore, you will have to write the email and the password of the Amazon account to which you want to link your echo show.

If you have your Amazon account correctly with a two -step verification system, you will be asked to write the password of this second step.It will depend on the method you have chosen for the verification that reaches an email or your verification application.

In the next step you have to confirm the time zone you are in.When the Amazon Echo is connected to the Internet, it will detect the country where you are and show it correctly.But you can always fail something, or have a VPN enabled, so it is always recommended that you make sure it is correct and click on continuing.If you have to change something, click on the continent or schedule to change them.

Now, you have to establish the address of the address where the Amazon will be.You will be shown the directions configured in the Amazon account, although you can write a different one.Choose the address and click on continuing.This step is not mandatory, but it will help the Echo show you the local information, such as the time you are going to do, once you are configured.

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Now, you can configure the room of the house where you will have the device.This will help you on the one hand to have your devices organized if you have several, and on the other, you can give concrete orders telling Alexa to do something concrete in that room, although it is a step that you can jump.

Now, you can name your device to differentiate it from the rest.By default the echo will suggest you a simple one, but you can change it manually to write the one you want.Once you finish, click on continuing.

Next, you will have to choose the wallpaper you want to use on the device.As indicated, then you will be able to use others such as the photos you have at Amazon Photos, but to start you will have to choose one of the two that are proposed to you.

Now, you are going to ask if you want your echo show to do the security camera.In the event that you choose to activate it, you can connect to the device whenever you want to see through your camera, although when you do, the video image will pass through the Amazon servers.In the event that you prefer to maximize privacy, you will be able to omit the step.

If you have an echo show 10 with a screen that moves to the sides, some tips will be shown to place the device in a correct place.Then, the device will turn the screen so you can see the reach of the turn.

After seeing this demonstration of the screen rotation, you will go to a screen in the device interface in which you can configure and adapt the scope of the turn manually so that it does less in one direction, or to ultimately adapt it to the site where it is located.

And finally, you just have to configure the position in which the screen stays when it is inactive.You can make look straight ahead with respect to how much turns to the sides, which is the default configuration, but you can also make you look more at one address.

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And that's it, now you can start using your echo show with your screen interface, or giving Alexa voice commands.