How to connect the Inpods 12 to Android

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The use of wireless headphones is increasingly common, every day many users go from wireless headphones with wireless cable, because for most people they are much more comfortable and practical.There are even those who convert their headphones with cable into some with Bluetooth so as not to stop using those who have and enjoy the comfort of a cableless headset at the same time.

Inpods 12 are low -price wireless headphones.

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Bluetooth inpods 12 headphones have a very comfortable ergonomic design, they are made of a resistant material that gives it a very soft touch and repels the marks for digital footprints or dirt.They also have splash resistant IPX protection.

Like many headphones of this type, the inpods 12 bring their load box, which works at the same time as an external battery, this allows them to load them anywhere even if we do not have a plug close.

Cómo conectar los InPods 12 a Android

Inpods 12 headphones come with their load box that functions as an external charger.

Depending on the volume with which they are used, the battery can have an autonomy of up to three hours and for a complete load they must be kept loading for approximately an hour and a half.

The Bluetooth connection is 5.0 compatible with both iOS and Android and intelligent assistants Siri and Google Assistant, which even helps you find the headphones if you lose them.

They are very easy to use, although they may present some difficulty if it is the first time you use headphones of this type.

That is why we are going to explain the steps to follow to connect the Inpods 12 with Android.

Steps to connect the Inpods 12 to Android by Bluetooth

Bling the Bluetooth inpods headphones with Android is very easy.

These headphones have tactile control, which allows you to turn them on or off through the sensor found in the rear of each headset.

Through tactile control you can play music and attend calls.

Pressing slightly on them for at least 1 second, you can pass songs.To return to the previous song you must click on the left headset and the right to move on to the next song.

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To turn off the headset you must maintain a pulsation of at least 3 seconds.You can also turn them off automatically entering them again in their box.

With a touch you can answer calls and pressing for a second you can reject a call.To review the last issue contacted, it will only be enough with a short pulsation.

Now you know how to connect the Inpods 12 to Android, as you see is very easy, but if you also want to know how to prolong your useful life, you cannot miss these 5 tips for your headphones to last longer.

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