How to connect the airpods to an Xiaomi mobile in 2021

Apple, for better or worse, is one of the most hermetic manufacturers that are when their devices can connect to others that are not part of its product ecosystem.However, this does not mean, for example, that they cannot be synchronized with Android mobiles (only a few cannot, such as Apple Watch), although there may be one or several limitations in this regard, which has given way toThe doubt of whether the airpods can be connected to an Xiaomi, which, by luck, can, and how to do it is something we explain below.

Connecting airpods to an Xiaomi mobile is very easy to do.The headphone model does not matter as such, that if it is the first or second generation airpods (or any other), or if we are facing the pro version, since the procedure for the pairing is practically the same as it is necessary toDo with any wireless headset with bluetooth connection.Nor does the Android version of the phone matter.In the same way it is preferable that it is the most up -to -date and the Miui customization layer version is up to date.

So you can connect the airpods to a xiaomi mobile easy and quickly

Follow the following steps that we taught below and in a matter of less than a minute you will have connected the airpods to your xiaomi to listen to music, make calls and more:

  1. Antes que nada, activa el Bluetooth de tu móvil Xiaomi. Para ello, puedes deslizar la barra de notificaciones del móvil Xiaomi y activarlo a través de los ajustes rápidos que aparecen en el Centro de control. También puedes activarlo yendo a Configuración, para después buscar y presionar la entrada de Bluetooth; allí hay que activar el interruptor, en caso de que el Bluetooth esté apagado.
  2. Ahora bien, lo siguiente por hacer es abrir la tapa del estuche de los AirPods, sean del modelo que sean. Es importante que estos se mantengan dentro del estuche, para que, de esta forma, se encienda la luz de estado, la cual puede estar ubicada dentro o en la parte exterior del estuche, dependiendo del modelo de los AirPods.
  3. Posteriormente, pulsa en el botón de configuración del estuche de los AirPods hasta que la luz de estado parpadee y sea de color blanco. Esto también hay que hacerlo con los auriculares dentro del estuche.
  4. Acto seguido, hay que emparejar los AirPods con el Xiaomi. Para ello hay que ir a Configuración, para después entrar nuevamente al apartado de Bluetooth (en caso de haber salido) y buscar, en el listado de dispositivos visibles, los AirPods, para pulsar en ellos e iniciar y esperar esperar a que el proceso de emparejamiento y vinculación finalice, lo que toma unos cuantos segundos. Con esto, ya habrás conectado los AirPods a tu móvil Xiaomi, sin más.

Cómo conectar los AirPods a un móvil Xiaomi en 2021

Keep in mind that Siri does not work when the airpods connect to a mobile that is not an iPhone.Therefore you will not be able to use Apple's voice assistant with an Xiaomi, being Android.However, headphones can play music and work for calls, among other basic things.The double "tap" or double touch will also continue to change the music.

Already finally, there are several applications in the Google play store that are available for free and serve to see the Airpods battery status, both the headphones and the loading case, and one of the best forThis are materials and Airdroid, which are very easy to use.In the case of the latter, it weighs less than 10 MB, being one of the lightest of its kind.

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