How to ask Alexa and your Amazon echo the price of light

Let's explain how you can always know the price of the light by asking your Amazon echo or any device with assistant Alexa. This possibility is not among your voice commands, but you will be able to add it thanks to your skills system, which are like small voice applications you can install.

What we're going to do is install a skill specially created so that we can tell you the price of light at every moment you ask. Once installed, we can do this consultation with Alexa wherever we want, both on our mobile phone and on the Amazon echo devices we have in our home.

The price of light in Alexa

The first thing you have to do is open Alexa's app on your mobile, the one you use to configure Amazon's smart speakers. In this app, first enter the more (1) section that appears at the bottom to the right. Once inside, click on skills and games (2).

Cómo poder preguntarle el precio de la luz a Alexa y tus Amazon Echo

Then you go to a list of skills, and you have to find a skill that gives you the information about the price of the light. For example, you can use the search engine to find results with the term price of light. We will use * Light recite (2.0TD), which you have available in this link.

To install the skill, simply click on the start button. When you do, you can install some specific device to install, although my recommendation is that you choose the option to use the device you're talking to, so that the skill is available on all your devices with Alexa.

Now, just use Alexa's command, open the price of the light, and the assistant will answer you by telling you which stretch of price you're on, what the price is, and when the next leg starts. A good alternative to using the web to always know the price of light at every hour of the day.

In XatakaAlexa's favorite skills of the Xataka team

If you Don't like the default command, you can choose to create a routine to open this skill with another voice command. We already explained how to create your Alexa routines, so you just have to do that to add the command or commands you want, and ask them to open the price of Light skill.