Connect your Bluetooth headphones to your PS5 and forget about the cables

Can I connect any headset by Bluetooth?

This is where the problems begin.PS5 has Bluetooth connection.Its control control is Bluetooth and the connection is available in system settings, however, the console does not offer Bluetooth audio, so it is not possible to use headphones of this type by default.Not at least natively, since we will need a Bluetooth adapter for the device to communicate with the console.

To understand that it is something that is completely blocked on the console, the official PS5 headphones include a USB adapter so that they can work properly with the console, so there is no way to connect headphones directly to the console without using aUSB adapter.Not even Sony's acclaimed Wh-1000xm4.These special and exclusive headphones cannot be paired as standard with the console, so we will need to buy an additional accessory.But let's go in parts.

Conecta tus auriculares Bluetooth a tu PS5 y olvídate de los cables