How to disable the WebCam on a Windows or Mac laptop or PC, if it is not in use

Many people feel uncomfortable and even observed due to their laptops or All-in-One computers that have a built-in WebCam, this is because they think that someone can hack their laptops and thus have access to the WebCam of their computer to spy on them. .

In case you have a desktop computer with an external WebCam, obviously just uninstalling it is enough. However, when it is incorporated into the computer, the best option is to deactivate this WebCam from the Windows or Mac options, that way you can leave it inactive and lose that feeling of guilt about someone watching you.

Enough of having to be with tape or something worse to be able to cover the camera. Today we are going to see how to solve this definitively and effectively, so that you do not have a piece of tape attached to your laptop, or anything strange on your computer screen. We will see how to permanently disable WebCam in Windows and put an end once and for all to that anguish that harms you.

  1. How to disable WebCam Windows?
    1. How do I know that the WebCam is already disabled?
  2. How can I reactivate the webcam?

How to disable WebCam Windows?

The first thing we are going to do is go to the Windows Device Manager, how? simply press the Windows key, located at the bottom of your keyboard or click start, located in the lower left corner of your screen; Just type Device Manager in the search bar that appears in the pop-up

Click on the first option that appears on the screen and a new window should open with all the hardware settings of your computer. As you may have already noticed, all devices are divided by category. Here the category we are going to look for is Imaging Devices.

Once we find it, we will have to double click on it to be able to see all the image devices that are available. Once this step is done, we must display said menu, the name of your webcam should appear. In this case it can be the model name or have a generic name, it will depend clearly on the manufacturer of the same.

How to Disable Webcam in Windows in Few StepsWatch this video on YouTube

What you should do next is right click on the name of your webcam and then drag the mouse until you reach the button that says "Properties" and then click on it. Next, a new window opens and here we must go to the tab that says “Controller”.

After this we will have to look among the buttons for the one that says "Disable device". As soon as you press on this option, a pop-up window will appear asking you to confirm this action, obviously we are going to say yes.

How do I know that the WebCam is already disabled?

Once all the previous steps have been carried out, it is best to verify that the camera is already deactivated, knowing this procedure we will be able to deactivate Windows or Mac WebCam whenever we want, although it is vitally important to know how to use the Camera application correctly in Windows.

Now we are going to go to the tab that says “General” and if you look at the box below you should see a message that says This device is disabled, that means that it is effectively disabled and you cannot use the WebCam on your computer. In this way, no kind of virus will be able to use the webcam either.

How can I reactivate the webcam?

It should be noted that, possibly after pressing the "Disable device" button, the system may suggest you restart the computer to guarantee the greatest effectiveness of the process carried out, since it is at your discretion whether you want to restart it or not.

In case you need to reactivate the webcam for any reason, all you have to do is go through this whole process again. When you are in the "Controller" tab instead of appearing to disable the device. An option will appear that says “Enable device” as simple as that.

In this way you can be enabling and disabling the webcam every time you think convenient so as not to have to cover it with some dark and adhesive material, and not have the enormous suspicion that someone, be it a malicious virus or a hacker, is trying to access to your private information or want to violate your privacy.

In fact, many users make complete security installations in their homes or businesses using WebCams or only outdoor cameras. Most of them use CCTV cameras, but they don't know how to install them correctly even though the steps are easy, it is best to make sure before committing serious damage.