Samsung wants to "copy and paste" the design of the brain in a SSD chip

In Samsung they want to replicate the design of the brain and its neuronal connections in a chip.To do this, they launched a method that basically makes reverse brain engineering by “copying and paste” the operation of the organ in an electronic device.

The scientific article that addresses this proposal explains that there is a way to copy the large network of connections that are in the brain neurons and then paste this map into a three -dimensional network of solid state memories also called SSD.To copy this design, a Nanolectrodes system created by Samsung researchers and Harvard University must be used.

According to the South Korean company, studies in the field of neuromorphic engineering aim to imitate the neuronal network of the brain in a chip.However, this has not given the expected results, since little is known about the way neurons connect in the brain, therefore, the approach had been abandoned long ago.

Samsung quiere “copiar y pegar” el diseño del cerebro en un chip SSD

With this new proposal you could return to the original idea of replicating and imitating the functioning of the brain by creating a kind of clone of its network of neurons."Through this type 'copy and paste approach, the authors believe that it is possible.

For now, research is more theoretical than practical, but in Samsung they believe it is possiblephysical size of the chips.

Thanks to their storage capacity, these three -dimensional memories are necessary for the implementation of a brain replica, which has 100,000 million neurons.