Remove Chrome Google account on PC and mobile devices

We cannot deny that Chrome is the browser most used by most users. However, it has a big privacy and security problem that worries many and that is that every time we start session in any service of the Internet giant, it also does so in the browser. That is why we are going to teach you how to remove a Google account in Chrome on PC and mobile devices. But we will also show you how to prevent Chrome from linked again when you log in to some Google service. You noticed that no matter how much you do not have a session initiated in Chrome, if you decide to log in to a Google service, you will automatically be with your Chrome account. This is because Google uses the ID of each account, which is one, to be able to save our markers, search history, recommendations, etc.

In this way, Google links your profile to Chrome to be able to give you A better experience, more personalized and completely to your liking. Obviously users who are worried about privacy, see this as a danger and in this sense it certainly is. Announcements of specific topics where there are more likely to be clicking, among other things. Then we will click on the profile icon found in the upper right corner of the screen. A new menu is displayed where we are going to click on the “configuration” icon with a gear-shaped. "ALT =" Remove Chrome Google Account on PC and mobile devices "Title =" Remove Chrome Google account ">

a new window will open with all the profiles you have in Chrome. You will have to click on the three points that are on the right side of each one and then click on “Delete”.