What differences are there between the Amazfit GTS 3 and GTS 2?

bigger screen

The model that wins here with the elimination of the frames and the use in its design is the Amazfit GTS 3. This increase means that we have a larger panel to consult notifications, use all its advantages and to know all the health reports that it includes.

What does not change is the resolution, the density of pixels per inch remains the same and, therefore, the quality of these is the same. Both are Amoled panels that will offer us the best level with automatic brightness depending on the time of day.

Better autonomy

While the Amazfit GTS 2 had a battery that lasted 7 days, the Amazfit GTS 3 comes out victorious as it has autonomy for 12 days. The increase is not widely seen in the number of milliamps of its cells, but the optimization of Zepp OS has been focused on it, so that we do not have to live so often waiting to load it.

¿Qué diferencias hay entre el Amazfit GTS 3 y GTS 2?

The use we give to the smart watch will also be important, because by activating the measurement of constant heart rate and blood oxygen, we will be needing more energy. Another outstanding factor is the Bluetooth connection, a small version change that improves consumption with our mobile to receive all the selected alerts.

Operating system

The Amazfit GTS 2 stays with Amazfit OS, an operating system that loses advantages compared to Zepp OS. This may seem unimportant, but the truth is that it will make a difference not only for autonomy, but also in your sports and health possibilities from here to the future.

Which one do I buy?

The rest of the points are identical between these two models and, therefore, the screen and the battery is what really differentiates the watches before us. To opt for one or the other, we cannot look at the price either, since both have an identical cost on Amazon.

However, those little points that make the Amazfit 3 GTS better lead us to recommend it. Also for being the newest model and thanks to Zepp OS for an improved system. The Amazfit 2 GTS smartwatch that we can find on Amazon, for its part, will not be updated to the new system and will remain rooted to the previous operating system.