Omicrono How to have the Covid passport on your mobile in the most accessible way possible

European Union Covid Certificate. European Commission Omicrono


There is an option to always have the Covid passport at hand on the main screen of the mobile phone and we will explain how to do it. You will only have to create a shortcut.

12 January, 202212:59
Nacho Castañón@nachocastaf

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The Covid passport is one of the measures that has been adopted in Spain to try to control the sixth wave after the appearance of the ómicron variant, which has nothing to do with Omicrono. A document that some autonomous communities are requesting to travel, access premises or attend events and that can be had in a simple and accessible way on the mobile phone.

Currently there are several ways to always carry the Covid passport with you: on the Apple Watch or on a smart watch, and in PDF or in the Wallet on the mobile phone, both iPhone and Android. In the case of devices with the Google operating system, there is also another way to have this document accessible.

Once you have requested the Covid passport and after having downloaded the PDF to your mobile phone, you can always take a screenshot of it and save it in the gallery of your smartphone. However, in this process it can be lost or difficult to locate if the reel fills with images. For this reason, the best option to always have it at hand is to create a shortcut.

How does it work?

This method is available on Android mobile phones and is one of the most effective ways to carry this document with you, as it will always be ready to show when the smartphone is unlocked.

Direct access to the Covid passport on Android.NCOmicrono

Once you have the PDF of the Covid passport, to create the direct access you have to open Google Drive on your mobile and upload the document to a folder where it can be easily located in case you need to search for it again later. It is advisable to create a folder in which to save those documents that are important.

Once saved, with the PDF of the Covid passport open, you have to click on the three points to display the menu with the different actions, among which is 'Add to home screen'. By touching it, the mobile will automatically create a direct access to the Covid certificate on the main screen, and it will be enough to click on it to open the document at any time and even without an Internet connection.

Another option

Once the shortcut has been created, it is also possible to move it to the desktop and in the position that each one wishes. A method that allows you to quickly find the certificate each time it is requested.

On some Android models you can also create a shortcut without Google Drive. To do this, look for the document in the download folder of 'My files' on the smartphone and click on it to choose 'Add direct access' from the drop-down menu.

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