Mitele: How it works, prices and tricks to find free series and movies


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This is how Mitele works

Either through the website or the app, Mitele's interface is similar in all cases.

On the cover appears the main program of the moment (a live broadcast, or a chapter of a series).At the bottom, a live bar contains all the live programs of the different channels of the platform.

Seeing content, whether live television or not, you will have to see three ads at the beginning, although most can be removed at 5 seconds.If the content is long, more ads may also appear.

When touching the screen during a playback, the interface appears to jump at any time of the content (if not live).In the upper right corner there are several icons to share content and obtain information (the summary of the chapter, for example).

From the cover, if you are dragging with your finger or mouse down you will access the different sections of the platform: the most top (prominent content), programs, series, documentaries, TV movies, informative, etc.

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You just have to enter each section to see what interests you.Some series are complete, but others only keep the last season.

Registered users

Mitele: cómo funciona, precios y trucos para encontrar series y películas gratis

It is not necessary to register to use mitele.You can directly access the content without any problem.However, if you register less advertising, and you want some extra functionalities:

To register simply play in the three horizontal lines, in the upper left corner of the screen.You access the user screen.

In the lower right corner you will see the Conctate button.Touch it to start registration.You can create an account with any email, or use a Facebook account.

If you register you will access the following functions that we are going to explain below.

Keep watching

While you have logged down with your app account, everything you see will be registered.If you leave it halfway or change device, click on the three horizontal bars on the cover.In the window that opens you will see a button continue to see, which will show you all the content you have left halfway, to continue there:

My list

When you see a chapter of a series or a program that interests you, touch on the icon more (+) in the upper right corner.It will be added to your list.

In the programs of the programs this icon appears at the bottom of the screen:

If you want to consult your list, simply click on the three horizontal bars on the cover.In the window that opens you will see a button my list, so you can access the content when you feel like it.

Parental control

One of the most important functions, especially if there are children at home or minors who are going to use the app, is Mitele's parental control.

Like the previous functions, it is inside the screen that opens when playing the three horizontal lines.

It is very basic, but fulfills its function of blocking unauthorized content, although this content continues to appear in the app.But it cannot be reproduced if you do not comply with the age set in the blockade.

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By touching in parental control, it lets you choose different age ranges: without restriction, 7 years, 12 years, 16 years, and 18 years:

After choosing an option, you must enter a pin.

When content is reproduced, if not suitable for the age set, you will ask for the pin:

You can only see it if you introduce it correctly.The pin can be deactivated (if you know it), entering the Parental Control of Mitele.

Enriching content - On button

Some programs of this letter television service have enriched functionalities through the app, encompassed inside the ON button, located in the upper right corner of the cover, or in the general file of the programs that support it.

It allows access to exclusive content and videos, real -time voting or participate and influence the development of some programs.

We have an example in the surviving reality that premiered advanced functionalities such as a perhaps SV with Sofía Suescun, 360º videos of the island, the virtual scale of the contestants, social directs to comment on the galas, and the votes to decide what happens in the Program: