You will receive the new Wear OS 3 if you have one of these watches

Wearables are undoubtedly the preferred accessories for mobile users, since they are usually interconnected with each other. In the case of Android mobiles, many users opt for Wear OS for their wearables, Google's operating system that is more similar to Android and adapted for our wrists. This operating system already has a third version that will undoubtedly offer interesting news to users of these devices. Now Google has finally announced which devices will have this new version of the mobile operating system before anyone else.

Which ones will debut first?

This new WearOS 3 will undoubtedly be a great improvement for devices that have preliminary versions of the system. And it is something that we can know thanks to the necessary hardware requirements that Google has revealed.

However, Google has named a series of specific devices that will be the first to receive this version of the operating system. Once again the firm Movboi and its Ticwatch will be the first to receive the new Wear OS, as we can see in this list. The first watches that will update are the following:

Recibirás el nuevo Wear OS 3 si tienes uno de estos relojes

Therefore, initially it will only be the new TicWatch watches that have this new version of the operating system. Although, of course, later it will come to other different models. This new platform will begin to reach the users of these devices in the second half of 2022, so there is still a year left for this to be the case and we can enjoy the new version on these devices. It is also known that the watches that have the Snapdragon 3100 processors will be compatible with this Wear OS 3.

Of course, once again those who receive this update will not be able to keep their current operating system and configuration. And they will have to do a "reset" on the watch that restores the watch to the factory and therefore will lose all the data that it had stored, the apps and their settings. Something that is sadly common in devices with this operating system, and that logically the users of these devices do not like it at all, as they see how they lose everything in exchange for having the new version.

Let's remember that in a few days Samsung will present its new Galaxy Watch 4 , its new top-of-the-range watch, which for the first time will have Wear OS as an operating system, although a version that will be a kind of fusion with Samsung's Tizen . Be that as it may, important changes are coming to an operating system that needs many improvements. Especially in performance, which changes a lot from one model to another, becoming an impractical system if we do not have a powerful clock. Something that should not happen since the system would have to be able to work with all kinds of resources, even the most limited ones.