The 3 ways to reset the Garmin if it is blocked and does not work

Horror, the Garmin has been blocked and does not work, or directly does not turn on. What do I do? It's time to do a Garmin reset, but there are several types and ways to do this reset, reset or hard reset.

Like any other device, our GPS watches can also suffer from failures and blockages. This is not the first time that an acquaintance, a friend or a reader/follower asks me what they can do with their locked Garmin watch.

It is likely that you have also experienced this and the symptoms are familiar to you: simply, from one moment to another, your Garmin Forerunner or Fenix ​​stops working, goes super slow, offers inaccurate GPS data, or does not respond at all. It has been frozen or, sometimes, it does not turn on directly.

Don't worry, in a high percentage of cases it can be fixed and it won't take more than a few seconds.

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    When something like this happens to us, there are three ways to solve it. Let's say it goes from "softer" (and that's why it's called Soft Reset) to a deeper and more complete reset (Hard Reset and Master Reset).

    Recommendation is that you start with the first. If it's fixed, fine. If it still doesn't respond, continue with the following methods:

    Soft Reset on Garmin: how to force the watch to restart

    Very simple: to do this Soft Reset, press and hold the top left button on your watch for 15-30 seconds. That is, the home button that we also use to turn on the screen light (Light).

    With this method, all we do is force the clock to restart. That is, it will turn off and turn on again. It does not delete anything, nor will we lose any data, nor will we have to reconfigure the clock. It's just a reset

    This is useful when the watch starts to run very slowly and erratically, or is stuck on a screen, or frozen by a Connect IQ app. When we cannot turn off the clock manually we will use this Soft Reset.

    Hard Reset on Garmin: to restore factory settings

    If the previous restart has not worked for us and the clock is going wrong, slow and with precision errors, we go to the Hard Reset.

    In essence, from any Garmin model we have an option to leave the device as new, as if we had just taken it out of the box. That is, reset it completely. For example, it is useful when we sell our old watch and want to clean it up, or a relative/friend inherits it.

    To do a Hard Reset on Garmin, go to the CONFIGURATION of the watch itself. Go to the SYSTEM section (it is the same section where we configure the language and others) and there you will see the option “RESET VALUES“.

    When pressing the option, the clock will insist, asking us if we are sure to perform that reset. We give yes and the process will begin. After a few minutes the Garmin will have restarted and we will be in the configuration tutorial that we saw the day we released it for the first time.

    EYE: As you may have already imagined, this Hard Reset erases everything. In other words, we leave the clock 100% clean. Therefore, our activities, personal data, created workouts, installed applications, data fields, screens and other metrics are deleted. Don't worry about the data, since it will be synchronized with Garmin Connect and you can continue to see it on the Connect application or website.

    Your Garmin doesn't work and you can't get into the settings menu? So we move on to the third method: the Master Reset.

    Master Reset: the solution when the Garmin does not work or respond

    Thus, the definitive solution when the Garmin does not turn on, nor can we do anything with it. Our last hope is the Master Reset, it is proof that it was a software failure and, if it still does not work, then we will have to resort to the Garmin Guarantee and its technical service.

    The Master Reset is the same as the Hard Reset, but using a combination of buttons, so we don't need the watch to "respond" or enter any menu. The three buttons we care about are:

    With the Garmin turned off, we press the three buttons at the same time and release them in this order:

    1. The watch will turn on, when the name of Garmin or its symbol (a triangle) appears on the screen, we release the "Light" button. (Keep holding the other two.)
    2. After a few seconds, the watch will beep, at which point we release the “Enter” button (keep holding the remaining one).
    3. And finally, a second beep will sound and at that moment you release the “Back” button.

    Ready. The next thing we will see, if it has worked, is the same initial configuration screen to choose the language, enter our basic data and others. Therefore, the Master Reset also completely removes all data from the watch and makes it like new, resetting it to the factory.

    Garmin blocked, why does it happen?

    Yeah, it's a bummer when the clock goes dumb and crashes. Especially if it happens to us in the middle of training or before a race, but at least with these methods we can restart it or reset the Garmin if necessary.

    However, the question is: why is this happening? Sometimes there is no explanation, it just, like any other electronic device, locks up and needs a reset from time to time.

    Now, we do have to pay close attention to the applications, data fields and custom screens that we install on our watch from Garmin Connect IQ. Most of the slowdowns and crashes come from there, as sometimes Connect IQ apps are not fully optimized for all devices and can crash and cause these temporary “freezes”.

    And above all, do not accumulate many applications and screens if you no longer use them. Check from time to time and clean.

    Garmin watches compatible with these methods

    The processes described above practically work with any Garmin watch, the Forerunner range, the Fenix, Vivo and many others. In essence, the brand uses the same 5-button layout on almost all of its models, even those that also have a touch screen, as well as the same internal menus where you can find the option to reset factory settings.

  • Garmin Fenix ​​range:
  • Variants such as the Garmin Swim, Tactix, MARQ, Vivoactive, Instinct...
  • And remember, if none of these methods work for you, it may already be a clock failure. In that case, it is best to contact Garmin technical service directly to try to solve it, or repair it.