Huawei Watch GT 3, Analysis: The entire essence of the Huawei Watch GT, now with Harmonyos under the hood

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One of the most popular smart watches families is the Huawei Watch GT. Since its inception, these watches have been an example in the field of design and autonomy and, with the arrival of Harmonyos, they have risen as far as functions are concerned. The first to release this new operating system at our borders was the Huawei Watch 3 and now it is the turn of Huawei Watch Gt 3.

and that is that the company has brought its new smart watch to our country , a device that has 2.1 Harmonyos and a series of sensors and battery improvements. It is, therefore, a kind of version of the previous model (eye, not a review) and, as such, it has its strengths and its skinny points. In Xataka we have already had the opportunity to try it and this has been our experience. th>

huawei watch gt 3 (46 mm) Th>

45.9 x 45.9 x 11 mm

42.6 grams without strap

< P> screen

amoled of 1.43 inches

resolution 466 x 466 pixels

326 ppp



4 gb


455 mAh

wireless load

operating system


Harmonyos 2 or superiorandroid 6.0 or higher 9 or higher

water resistance

5 atm P>

yes, two





GPS double band


virtual assistant Celia



digital crown

< TR> < -th> GT 3

PVP in Huawei € 249.00

Design: Premium and huge

We begin, as always, speaking of design. The Huawei Watch GT 3 is available in two sizes, one of 42 millimeters and another of 46 millimeters. The model that we have analyzed is the 46 millimeters, which is the largest. It is important to highlight it, since it is possible that such a large box is not well on a small doll. The frontal sphere is made of stainless steel, while the rear is made of polymer fiber. The rear housing surface has ceramic coatings, something designed to improve durability in situations of high temperature and humidity. It is, in short, a premium clock and feels as such. It has that analog clock aura that gives it an interesting point. The first is more urban and modern, while the one that occupies us today is more conventional. In fact, at first glance it is relatively complicated to differentiate it from the huawei watch gt 2. The registration of sports but that can be paddled (and does not click anything, what is a taste) and a upper crown. The crown is sensational. Not only is it a button, but it serves to move through the menus while the clock returns feedback in the form of a pleasant vibration. Next to the Apple Watch, it is one of the best crowns we have tried on a smartwatch. In the left zone, on the other hand, we have nothing except the microphone. It is a very minimalist design, very beautiful and very simple. The essence of the Huawei Watch GT is more present than ever in this model and is something that is appreciated. It is a pretty and functional clock, without flourishes. Load base and health -related sensory. We talked about the Huawei Truseen 5.0+ PPG module, which integrates the heart rate sensor and pulsioximeter and that has significantly improved with respect to the previous generation both in intelligence and in photodetector (there are eight instead of four). P> The rear is slightly curved (with a 2.5D finish) to better adapt to the wrist bone, favor perspiration and improve the quality of the heart rate signal. At least that is what it does on paper, but the reality is that there is no difference with respect to the rest of Huawei watches. It is comfortable, but so were the previous watches. It is also covered by a Fresnel movie whose objective is to improve the amount of light penetrating the skin. Silicone and rubber straps are very good (special mention to that of the Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro), but nothing like the brown skin we find in this model. It is a comfortable, pleasant, premium belt and, in a nutshell, a top of the highest range. It can also be obtained in black and stainless steel fluorolastomer. Do it without problem. Remove it is very easy. The closure, meanwhile, is conventional and resistant buckle, so we have not had problems of any kind with him. "alt =" huawei watch gt 3, analysis: all the essence of the Watch GT of Huawei, now with Harmony = "Huawei Watch GT 3, Analysis: The entire essence of the Huawei Watch GT, now with Harmonyos under the">

hood in short, we can conclude that the Huawei Watch GT 3 is a comfortable clock , nice to use, large (at least the 46 millimeter model) and to which it is difficult to get you, at least as far as design is concerned. If Huawei knows something, it is to make elegant smart watches and the huawei watch gt 3 does not disappoint. , let's see what the Huawei Watch GT 3 offers us in terms of screen. Something that has characterized these watches has always been not only their size, but their resolution and sharpness. Again, the Huawei clock leaves the bar very high with an AMOLED screen that we loved.

Let's start at the beginning. By having two models, 46 and 42 millimeters, the size and resolution of the screen will change. Attending to which we have had the opportunity to analyze, the 46 millimeters, we have a 1.43 -inch AMOLED screen with resolution 466 x 466 pixels, which translates into 326 pixels per inch. His little brother, however, stays at 1.32 inches and 352 ppp.

What does it translate? In a really good visibility. At a safe distance it is practically impossible to see a single pixel. To that we have to add a reproduction of the sensational colors and that the interface is perfectly adapted to the form factor. Could the edges have been reduced a little? Without a doubt, but at least Huawei has been well to record a minuter in them to give, again, that aroma to analog clock.

The visibility of the screen is very good in broad daylight. The maximum brightness is high enough so that, even when the light gives it fully, we can see the time without problem. The clock has automatic brightness and works wonderfully, something that is very appreciated when passing from interior to exteriors, since it avoids having to be configuring the brightness all the time. And it may seem likely, but not all watches have it.

The screen responds well to our gestures and the displacement between menus is fluid. I would dare to say that at the same height as the Huawei Watch 3. To turn it on, we can make the gesture of looking at the time or press the button and to turn it off it is enough to put your hand on the screen. As a personal recommendation, activate the "Do not disturb" mode when you take it to sleep, because it is not pleasant that the screen ignites and wakes us up.

One of the functions we have lost in this model is The possibility of accepting a call by opening or closing the hand. It is something we had at the Huawei Watch 3 and that disappears in this model. It is not an excessively important loss, but there is.

in terms of customization, the options are large. We can carry a few spheres installed on the clock, but from the Huawei health we can access a huge catalog, both free and payment. There are for all tastes and colors, so the consumer's choice. Some of them are animated and most interactive. There are also some covers that allow us it's a delight. It responds well, it is large, it looks like a scandal and stays up to a high -end clock made and right.

At this point Harmonyos cannot say that it is something new. We have seen several products with this operating system, such as a tablet and even the Huawei Watch 3. As it could not be otherwise, the Huawei Watch GT 3 has Harmonyos running through its veins, so its options are not, or by far , the same as the previous Watch GT. But first of all, compatibility. To link it to the clock we will have to use Huawei Health, which is available in App Store, Google Play and Appgallery. In the case of linking it to an Android mobile, I recommend using the Appgallery version. On the other hand, it should be noted that Huawei Health is not the same application as the one we use for headphones or other IoT devices, AI Life. They are two different applications and the one we have to use is the first. It is accompanied by 32 MB of RAM and 4 GB of internal storage. It is not much, especially if we compare the figure with that of the Huawei Watch 3, which was 16 GB of storage and 2 GB of RAM. The next level (finally)

The Harmonyos interface is similar to the one we found in Liteos, the previous Huawei operating system that we find in watches such as the Huawei Watch GT 2. If you already have a brand of the brand, surely You feel at home. If not, it will not take long to discover that the interface is very intuitive. Sliding to the left we will see the different screens with direct accesses to heart rate, daily activity, sleep, etc. Sliding up the notifications and sliding down the quick settings panel.

by clicking on the crown we will open the application drawer. By default, apps are arranged in a grid in the purest Apple Watch style. If we move the crown we will zoom in or zoom out and clicking on the icons we will open the apps in question. The Apps catalog is sufficient to maximize the clock, but having Harmonyos under the hood has an advantage: third -party applications can be installed. The catalog remains scarce

Thanks to Harmonyos, Huawei's watches can access apps hosted in Appgallery. The problem is that, unlike what happens in the Huawei Watch 3, Appgallery is not installed on the clock. We have to resort to the mobile app to download the applications and then send them to the clock. A small handicap that could well be solved by a software update.

The problem is that the number of compatible applications is very scarce. Not all are useful and some important apps are missing, such as Spotify. We have counted 28 applications in total, a figure too low and among which only Petal Maps stands out, the Huawei maps app. In that sense, Appgallery has a margin of improvement. In this way, we will not be able to use the clock regardless of the mobile to make and receive calls, for example. Moreover, the telephone app does not serve Bluetooth calls, but it is simply a record of recent calls. We also lose the option to make music streaming from Huawei Music, which was one of the great tip of the Huawei Watch 3. Nor do we have NFC (something that makes sense, while Huawei Pay is not available in Spain).

As far as clock performance is concerned, the device behaves very well. Applications open quickly, navigation is fluid and the general experience with it has been very positive. It is curious, because objectively speaking is less powerful than the Huawei Watch 3, but it moves equally fluid. It is, in a nutshell, a joy to use it.

The clock allows us to receive the notifications of the apps we want, but not answer them. For example, if we receive a message at WhatsApp we can read the content of it, but not respond to the message, even with predetermined quick responses. A pity, of course. The microphone is quite good and the speaker behaves. We have made several calls from the clock and we have had no problem. It is an interesting addition and it is appreciated that it is there. In the Huawei Watch 3 the assistant worked perfectly (inside his obvious limitations in terms of integration with home automation), but in the Huawei Watch GT 3 no. If we want to use the wizard we will need a Huawei mobile with Emui 10.1 or higher, something that I personally did not have during this analysis. In other words, without mobile Huawei there is no virtual assistant that is worth. The Huawei Watch GT 3 incorporates the Huawei Truseen 5.0+ PPG module, which has eight photodiodes instead of four and improved algorithms that, on paper, should improve the reading of our metrics. He refers to heart rate, the clock is measured every five minutes throughout the day. It seems to us that it does it quite accurately, but in any case it should be noted that neither this clock nor any other is a medical device, so the data must be taken with tweezers and take them as what they are: orientative data. >

The clock also measures in real time the level of oxygen in blood. This can be useful if we combine it with the altimeter, especially if we like mountain sports. However, blood oxygen tests require that we are as still as possible during them, so it is likely that the figures obtained by the clock while we walk, for example, are not entirely reliable. Again, a fact that you have to take with tweezers. The clock measures it quite precisely and, giving our mood the next day, we can conclude that it is necessary. The report generated in the app allows us to see the phases, the times we have woken up, the quality of breathing and more information. . The figures offered by the clock do not marry at all with our mood during the day and, in fact, I doubt that it has had 67 stress points (more is worse) at 2:57 in the morning, while sleeping, or Sunday In the afternoon while ate rice with the family. It does not seem to me a reliable metric.

On the other hand, the Huawei Watch GT 3 measures our body temperature. He does it with an hour frequency and the figure helps us see if, for example, we are running cold at night or if we have a higher temperature of the account. It can be useful in what context, but it is not an indispensable metric in day to day, much less. Telling him what we want to improve, the app generates a personalized challenge that consists of, for example, drinking x amount of water, taking x steps, smiling, breathing or resting for quantity of hours. Our progress is measured with the growth of the leaves of a clover. It is a way to gamify well -being, but unfortunately it does not go much further. . However, as we will see later, this lack of functions is compensated with a substantial improvement in autonomy. A smart watch if we can't take it with us when we do sports? The Huawei Watch GT 3 has a good amount of sports modes, including popular, such as running, swimming or hiking, but also skiing or triathlon. What it does not have is paddle tennis, which is my personal crusade in the world of wearables. In that sense, we can listen to the music or the podcasts that we have imported to the memory of the clock (ideal if we connect a bluetooth headphones) or the one that is playing on the mobile. Recall that we cannot make music streaming in this model. (50 meters), but I personally do not recommend that we use it with the leather strap. If we are going to use it to swim, better remove the leather strap and put a silicone so that it does not deteriorate. When we finish exercising underwater, we can drain the water from the clock itself, which will start emitting sounds by the speaker. Integrated, which makes it extremely absurd that to show the time of our location we have to give permanent access to the GPS to the Huawei health app. ) and is compatible with five systems (GPS, Beidou, Glonass, Galileo and QZSS). It sets us much faster than previous models and their precision, without being the best, it is really good. Something interesting the reverse route, which keeps the trajectory that we have followed so that, if we lose ourselves, we can return to our steps. When we analyzed the Huawei Watch 3 this section left us with a somewhat bitter mouth. The Huawei Watch GT had always been synonymous with good autonomy and the arrival of Harmonyos to Huawei Watch 3 did not sit well in these terms. The Huawei clock offered us up to two days of autonomy, a figure too low for what we were used to. The device mounts a 455 mAh battery, which is almost the same figure as the Huawei Watch 3, but its autonomy has shot up to the week at least. During our tests, we have used it connected at all times to the mobile and with real -time monitoring and has come to the week without problem.

with a more basic use, I have no doubt that it would be possible Reach two weeks without difficulty. However, the truth is that the final autonomy will depend on how much we use the clock, how many notifications we receive, whether we use it to call, whether we use GPS a lot or not, etc. Be that as it may, one week you get without problem. It is completed in about an hour and a half, which is not bad if we take into account the final autonomy. In short, and as far as battery is concerned, the Huawei Watch GT 3 is what the Huawei Watch 3 should have been. P> After having tried the Huawei Watch GT 3, we can conclude that it is a clock to take into account. It is beautiful, it works well and has improved one of the aspects in which the Huawei Watch 3 sin, which is autonomy. It is, in a nutshell, a solvent clock that probably serves the vast majority of users who seek a good design and certain intelligent functions. : It lacks a complete ecosystem of third -party applications, for now; It is not integrated with home automation, it has no mobile payment system and does not allow notifications to be answered. As a huawei watch, it is the best. As a smartwatch in general, it still has a margin of improvement.

as a huawei clock, it is the best. As a smartwatch in general, the thing is still marginal

the thing, therefore, it remains as follows: as a cheap premium alternative it is the best next to the Amazfit GTR 3 Pro, which is also very good. As the most complete smartwatch on the market, it is still behind the Apple Watch, the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 and many other smartwatches with Wearos.


Huawei Watch GT 3

PVP in Huawei € 249.00

The device has been yielded for the test by Huawei. You can consult our business relationship policy. >