How to restore your iPhone without connecting it to a computer


In case of losing access to your iPhone you will have to restore and for this, it is necessary to connect it to a computer and perform the process from iTunes, until now.Another of the new tools that IOS 15.2 brings is the restoration of the cell phone from the same device, Apple announced.

When you forget the access code to your cell phone and try to enter it several times without success, Apple blocks the device permanently as a security measure, at this time it is necessary to restore it.We show you how to do it with the new iOS update.

The first thing you should know is that in order to make the restoration, it is necessary that the iPhone have Wi -Fi connection or mobile data.You will also need your Apple ID password and the password you used to configure your cell phone.So you will be certain that if you missed your phone, it will not be so easy to restore it in this way.

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Now, when your cell phone is blocked, a button will appear at the bottom of the screen that says “Delete”, you just have to press and confirm the action.The system will ask you to introduce the Apple ID password to close the session and confirm the action again.

Cómo restaurar tu iPhone sin conectarlo a un computador

After a few minutes, your iPhone will be restored with factory values, your data will have already been erased.However, you can recover the information through the last save sailing.Now, you just have to configure your device again.

This new feature allows you to recover your cell phone at any time and place, without the need for a computer. But this is not the only novelty of the latest version of Apple's operating system, iOS 15.2.It also adds privacy improvements, the possibility of subscribing to a voice plan in Apple Music and some more.Know if your iPhone will receive this update and what other new functions brings iOS 15.2.

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