How to copy texts from a photo with Google lens on the Google photos website

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Yúbal Fernández@Yubal_FM

Let's explain to you how to copy texts from a photo with Google lens on the Google photos website, a feature with which you can analyze the text in your photos and interact with it. Google lens is a Google technology with which its apps analyze the content of the photos, and after arriving in the mobile version of Google photos to allow you to select texts and digitize them, it has now also reached the Google photos website.

All you have to do to use this feature is to go to Google photos and open a photo where there is text, and Google photos will suggest copying that text from the image. But the function is new and still fails a lot, and in most cases the suggestion it shows is to file. Little by little, however, everything will be fine-tuned to implement this technology correctly.

Google photos has been implementing text recognition algorithms for a long time, although I used to only use them so that when you wrote a word, photos would be included where that word appeared. However, with the arrival of Google lens they will now improve these interactions with the photos. For example, you take a picture of a page of a book and you can digitize that text from the PC to copy it and paste it elsewhere.

Use Google lens on Google photos

Cómo copiar textos de una foto con Google Lens en la web de Google Fotos

The first thing you have to do is Google photos. Once inside, you have to look for a picture that contains text. As we have told you, this function does not go completely fine at first, so if the photo shows that it is a book or a poster of some kind, it is better.

When you open the photo, at the top you will have the controls on the right to interact with it. Here, you have to click on the copy text option of the image. This option will appear to you on the left of the controls. The option that appears is a suggestion, and it's not always going to be the same. But if you open a picture with text, it might show up.

When you click copy text from the image, Google photos will analyze the content of your photo. When you finish, you will select the text from the photo and to the right a window will open where you are digitized. Both in the window and in the photo itself, you can copy the selected text. Above, you also have the option to cancel text selection.

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When you cancel the selection, you can select a fragment of the text manually with the mouse. To the right you will see the selected part, so you can digitize only the fragment you want. This system will recognize several languages.

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