Gmail makes it easier to copy and paste email addresses to recipients of an email

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Iván Ramírez@ivan_r

Android has come a long way in terms of productivity, although there are still mundane tasks for which a mouse and keyboard are still missing, such as manipulating texts. The latest version of Gmail tries to shorten distances with a better way to copy the recipients of an email.

Android has a complicated relationship with the clipboard, which instead of being a quick Control + C and Control + V, as on the PC, requires prolonged touches, and text selections that are sometimes frustrating. Gmail now facilitates the issue with a quick way to copy and paste recipients into an email.

Easy copy of Gmail recipients

Gmail allows you to manipulate the recipients of a new email you are writing since time immemorial, although the process has changed over time. Recently, copying an email address involved making a prolonged touch on the name, at which time a dialogue with the email address is shown and then click again copy.

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Gmail hace más fácil copiar y pegar direcciones de correo en los destinatarios de un correo

The process is effective, although unless you start doing random touches on the interface, it is not easy to know that the option exists. Besides, you could only go one by one, so if you want to copy five email addresses, for example to put them in the CC or CCO field, the process is tremendously repetitive.

El modo antiguo de copiar direcciones de correo de Gmail

This changes with the latest version of Gmail or, rather, Google's latest experiment, as it appears to be a novelty that is activating from the server side. Instead of having to do prolonged touches, playing in an email address in the fields opens a contextual menu.

It then shows the name, contact photo (if any) and two options: copy or remove. If you play in copy, the email address is copied to the clipboard. If you play in Quitar, this recipient is removed from the list.

El modo nuevo

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this new interface, in addition to being easier for users to discover and take advantage of, is that, if there are several recipients, then the copy all recipients menu appears, which copies all the email addresses to the clipboard. After doing so, you can paste them into another field, another mail, or basically any other application that supports the sending of text.

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