Genshin Impact: January 23 codes to get free protogems

El estudio miHoYo ha lanzado los códigos de Genshin Impact de hoy, domingo 23 de enero. Si te consideras un aficionado del videojuego para consolas PlayStation, Xbox, teléfono móvil (iPhone o Android) o PC, te revelamos que ya puedes obtener las increíbles recompensas en el videojuego, como protogemas gratis, con esta simple guía.

A diario, los miles de jugadores tienen la oportunidad de acceder a una gran variedad de recompensas gratuitas a través de los códigos de Genshin Impact, los cuales son liberados por el estudio que creó el videojuego.

Mediante estos, los usuarios pueden recibir premios como mejoras de armas, aumentos de nivel, personajes, moras y protogemas gratis.However, these rewards are available for limited time (24 hours).

Genshin Impact codes of January 23

How to exchange the daily codes of Genshin Impact?

Redeeming the genshin impact codes of January 23 is a very simple process. Sin embargo, como requisito debes haber alcanzado el rango de aventura 10.In case you still do not manage to reach that level, you will have to continue gaining experience within the video game.If you meet that condition, follow these steps:

Genshin Impact presents Shenhe: Discover its skills and launch date

Genshin Impact: los códigos del 23 de enero para conseguir protogemas gratis

A few days after celebrating the official launch of version 2.Genshin Impact, Mihoyo, Mihoyo has presented the background and trailer history of Shenhe, the superhuman hermit, the next five -star character who will arrive with this great update of the video game.

Shenhe comes from a family of exorcists, but was raised by cloud preservative as his disciple at an early age.By staying in the mountains of Liyue, it has only lived with birds and beasts, so it became cold and distant over time.

How to participate in the event hunters and rebels?

The requirement to be part of this new Genshin Impact dynamics is to have reached the adventure range 20 or higher.Before starting to play, it will be necessary to unlock all the statues of the seven in the event area.

If you have not done it, you will only start the game on the maps where the statues are unlocked.You can see these locations in the preview of the disputed area.To access the Inazuma area, you must have completed the mission "Ritou's flight plan".

Genshin Impact 2.4 arrives with the characters Shenhe, Yun Jin and new areas to explore

With the arrival of the new exchange codes list, the creators of Genshin Impact have decided to launch version 2.4 of your RPG Free To play game.This update brings a series of novelties that are headed by the arrival of the new characters Shenhe and Yun Jin.

Today, Wednesday, January 5, Genshin Impact's servers received maintenance from the Mihoyo studio prior to the premiere of version 2.4 of the RPG game for PlayStation, iPhone, Android and PC.What's new in the video game?We tell you.