Did you buy a Apple Watch but you use Android?Here we tell you how to configure it

Tech.- Apple Watch is one of the most sought -after smart watches so far, because according to Counterpoint data, this device has sold at least about 100 million units worldwide, so it is not uncommon for userswonder if this clock created by Apple can work with Android, and the initial response would be yes, although with some limitations.

It is possible to make this smart watch work partially with a device that is not Apple;However, it must be said that an iPhone is required to make the initial configurations, so it will be essential to bring one of these cell phones to log in with an Apple account and add a series of data, it should be noted thatThey will serve the iPhone 6s and 6s plus models onwards.

It is mandatory that the Apple Watch is a model with Internet connection so it is a version that has only GPS will not serve.Once this clock is linked to an iPhone or iPod, it should be verified that the Apple Watch is able to receive and make calls, then the iPhone, the Apple Watch and the Android device with which the device in question is to operate must be operated.


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Once cell phones have been off, the iPhone SIM card must be removed and placed on the Android phone, to later turn on the smartphone and finally the Apple Watch.From here when it is connected to the network it will be possible to receive and make calls on an Android cell phone as the main device.

¿Te compraste un Apple Watch pero usas Android? aquí te decimos como configurarlo

In the smart watch it will be possible to download and use applications, in addition to accessing health and sports functions, although there will be no possibility of synchronizing this data with the phone.People can start exercises, control health, complete the daily activity objectives, listen.

The limitations

Within the framework of the limitations, it will be possible to send Issassage but there may be problems with the SMS, in addition that all data collected within the device cannot be exported to any other device other than Apple.Notifications will also be affected, as only apps that can be installed on the clock will be received.

Being a device designed to work with iOS, there are many restrictions that can be found in the operation of the smartwatch so the brand itself does not recommend using these devices with phones that are not iPhone, and due to the prices in whichThey find in the market, it will always be more advisable to buy a smart watch that does have 100% compatibility with your phone.

Another alternative

As an alternative, Apple's ‘family’ configuration can be used to have a smart watch running without iPhone, although in the same way, a series of requirements to proceed must be met.

First, in this process an iPhone is also needed to configure and link the Apple Watch and then use it on Android, although with the same restrictions as before.

To make it work, after linked to an Apple device, it is enough to enter the 'Watch' application on the iPhone, click on 'All watches' and' Add watch 'to finally touch the option' Configure for a member of theFamily ', after the end of synchronization the Apple Watch can be used normally.

It should be noted that originally the function is designed for children and older people who do not have iPhone and is available from the Watchos 7 system.

Source: Infobae