How to upload photos to Instagram from your computer without applications

Today we share the way to upload photos to Instagram from the web version of the app, without the need for extra applications or pages.So you can share your favorite photos directly from your computer, without resorting to the mobile version.

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks and with the greatest number of users who enjoy sailing every day.An app that is focused on using from the cell phone, but also has a web version to enjoy it from your computer.

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However, although the application gives us the opportunity to see our profile from the computer, if we want to upload a publication or history, there is no other than to do it from the cell phone.Luckily, there is a way to share from the web version without installing extra applications and here we reveal the secret.

Do not hesitate to make use of this tool to enjoy one of your favorite apps without inconveniences, either in the mobile version or from the web version, taking advantage of the fact that with Internet at your home in Telcel you have the best connection with up to 10 Mbps, with ClaroVideo included and connectivity to #TELLELAMEJORRED with the greatest coverage and speed.

How to publish photos on Instagram from the web version?

Cómo subir fotos a Instagram desde tu computadora sin aplicaciones

The first thing is to go to the Instagram site on Google Chrome and then:

  1. Inicia sesión en tu cuenta y habilita la herramienta para desarrolladores en Google (Pulsa tecla ‘F12’ para que se abra la ventana).
  2. Se abrirá un panel del lado lateral del navegador con el código fuente de la página.
  3. ¡No te asustes!, se verá complicado, pero en realidad no lo es. Lo único que tienes que hacer es dar clic sobre el icono que hay en la barra superior de este panel en la opción ‘Móvil y ‘Tablet’.
  4. Después de activar el ‘modo móvil’, automáticamente notarás que la versión web de Instagram se transformará y se mostrará como si fuera la versión móvil.
  5. Pulsa ‘F5’ para actualizar la página y que se vean los iconos de la app.
  6. Pulsa en el botón ‘Añadir nuevo contenido a Instagram’ y sigue el paso a paso habitual para compartir fotos y videos.

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Clever!Now you just have to publish your favorite photos and receive likes from your best friends and followers.

You no longer have to edit the photos from your computer and pass them back to your cell phone.With these simple steps you can retouch, edit and then upload the photos from the same place.What do you think of this trick, do you like?😉

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