How to export screenshots and videos from the console to a computer

We all like to show off in front of our friends with our screenshots and videos of our favorite games, with those plays or unrepeatable moments that we are often unable to repeat. That is why we want to recover this tutorial to review the different ways to take screenshots and record gameplays, adding the new generation of consoles, and especially how to export screenshots and videos to transfer them to our PC.


Available since the launch of the console, adding some additional features with some later updates, this console allows us the possibility of taking both screenshots and recording small clips.

How to capture

Taking screenshots with the Switch is really easy. We will only have to press the button located at the bottom of the left Joy-con, and we will create these images of the full screen. In the case of videos, it is somewhat more complex, since only the 30 seconds before we press the button will be saved (holding it down for at least one second), and with a maximum resolution of 720p and 30 fps.

Thus, all the captures will go to the internal storage of the console by default, but their location can be configured in the event that we use an SD card (something highly recommended to leave space for the saved games).

To change the location of the captures we must access the console configuration, Data management, Save data, captures and videos and access Manage captures and videos. From here we can select whether to use the internal memory or the card.

How to export screenshots

First of all, we must clarify that you will need an SD card to be able to get the contents of the console (you do not need to buy one expressly, the SD card of your phone is worth it). The card can be inserted through the back of the console, into a hidden slot behind the folding leg, and will cause the console to reboot in order to read it.

In case of having made the captures prior to having the card in the console, we will have to access the console configuration, Data management, Save data, captures and videos, Manage captures and videos, and select the Memory option. the console. Once here we will select the option to Copy all the captures and videos to the SD card.

In case you have made the captures with the microSD already in the console, you will only need to extract it. Once we have the captures and videos on the card, we can remove it, which will cause the console to restart again.

The simplest thing now will be to use a card reader to transfer the captures to our computer, but in case we don't have one, we can simply put the card back in our mobile, and copy the files directly from it through any USB Cable.

Locating them will be easy, since they will be organized within a folder called "Nintendo", in which we will find three other folders called Album, Contents and Save. In this case we are only interested in the first. Here we find a series of folders, somewhat messy, that will order the images by months (01 for January, 02 for February, …), day, and by game, and that will contain the MP4 and JPG files.

Playstation 4

Cómo exportar capturas y vídeos de la consola a un ordenador

The Sony console is one of the most thought-out platforms for sharing our captures and videos, not only having an image capture device. And it is that the console automatically records, and continuously, the last 15 minutes of play, in addition to having the possibility of broadcasting through YouTube or Twitch.

How to capture

Like the Nintendo Switch, the PlayStation 4 has a button on the controller dedicated to taking screenshots and videos. However, we will have up to three different ways to use it:

As for the videos, as we mentioned, they will have a maximum duration of 15 minutes, and will have several ways of capturing:

How to export screenshots

In order to export the screenshots and videos from our PlayStation 4 to our PC, we will first need to connect a hard drive or USB.

From the main menu of our console, we will access the Capture Gallery (if the icon is not available, we will go from the Settings, Storage, System Storage menu). Once the captures and videos have been selected, we will press the Options button, and select the option to Copy to the USB storage device.

Playstation 5

Although the new generation represents a tremendous leap at a technical level with respect to its predecessor, it never ceases to amaze us that just in the field of screenshots and video we notice a small step backwards, eliminating some of the quick actions that allowed us to carry out these saved.

How to capture

To take a screenshot on PS5 you will first have to press the Create button on the DualSense Controller to open the Creative screen, which will pause your game (in the case of a single-player title). In this menu you will find a small icon of a Camera that indicates Take Screenshot that, when pressed, will save an image of what is being shown at that moment in your game.

However, for online games, we can also choose to take quick screenshots, holding the Create button for a few seconds until an image icon appears in the upper right corner of the screen.

A method that we will see repeated in the case of videos. In the case of playing passable titles, we can calmly go through this Creative menu, where we will find the option called “Start New Recording”. Although we can also activate the recording of short clips by pressing the Create button twice quickly, after which an icon will appear in the upper right corner of the screen.

Thus, it highlights the fact that, unlike other consoles, the PS5 will allow us to save for as long as we want (as long as the console's storage allows it) without any time restrictions. Also, while the recording is active, we will be able to see a small black box in the corner of the screen, where we will be able to see a timer at all times to control the length of the clips.

On the other hand, if what we want is to save some unexpected repetition, from the Creative menu we will have the option to Save Recent Gameplay, which will recover and save everything that has happened in a video in a period of between 15 seconds and up to 30 minutes, according to our established preference.

How to export screenshots

As in the previous generation, in order to export the screenshots and videos from our PS4 to the PC, we will need to connect a hard drive or USB storage unit.

From the menu of our console we will access the Capture Gallery (in the case of not having the icon available, we will go from the Settings, Storage, System Storage menu), and once the captures and videos that we want to save have been selected, we will press Options button and select the Copy to USB storage device option.

Xbox One

As in the case of the PlayStation 4, this console offers us the possibility of capturing both photos and videos, in this case of up to 10 minutes, and the possibility of sharing them on social networks or broadcasting them live.

How to capture

Taking photos with the Xbox One is quite simple, and can be done using either of these two methods:

As for the videos, the Xbox One records video in the background and continuously while we play, just like the PS4. However, by default the console will only record the last 30 seconds, just like the Switch:

Thus, remember that although we could previously use Cortana to make both captures by voice, after its removal from the console these services are not available.

However, we were not lying to you when we anticipated that the console will be able to record up to the last 10 minutes of our game. And it is that in order to activate this extra functionality we will have to access the console menu, pressing the Xbox button, and open the GameDVR application.

Working in parallel to the games, through the menu of this application we can manually choose when to start or end our videos, being able to also change their time, from the last 30 seconds to the 10 minutes mentioned. Of course, we must bear in mind that the videos saved with this application can be stored as temporary files within the console, so we recommend that you export and save them at the end of each session.

How to export screenshots

Being the star console of a leading multinational in the world of computers, and despite the enormous steps taken by Microsoft to create a united ecosystem between consoles and PC, it never ceases to amaze us that the Xbox One does not have the possibility of exporting captures and videos via a hard drive or USB.

With several third-party options, the easiest thing will be to use One Drive, Microsoft's cloud storage, directly from the console. And it is that as our console user accounts are linked to a Microsoft account, it will have direct access to this service. However, this method has a big drawback: you cannot select and upload several images or videos at the same time, resulting in a somewhat tedious process in the event that we make recurring captures.

Xbox Series X and Series S

As for the new generation of Microsoft consoles, we will once again have a really simple operation, even faster than its predecessor. And it is that copying Sony, the new Microsoft controls will now have the Share button for fast content sharing.

How to capture

In the case of normal captures, the process will be as simple as pressing the Share button on the controller once; while to make quick video captures with the last minutes elapsed, it will be enough to hold down the same button for a few seconds.

Additionally, through the Xbox button menu, we can also establish continuous screen recordings, thus being able to increase the control and time of these clips.

How to export screenshots

Thus, the big difference comes with the new functionality of compatibility with external storage units, which will allow us not only to export the captures, but even assign the automatic saving of the same directly all the photos and videos directly on a connected USB device , via the Console Settings options.