Take screenshots on your PC without using any app

On more than one occasion you have surely wanted to take a screenshot from your computer for whatever reason. We have all looked for programs that allow us to take a screenshot to send it to a friend, to save an image that is in webp format and a long etcetera. But did you know that you can take a screenshot without using any third-party programs or apps?

No, you do not need to download anything at all. Only with the tools that the Windows operating system offers us can we take screenshots in various ways. Through different keyboard shortcuts and Windows functions, it is enough for us to obtain one. Next, we will review the different ways in which we can take a screenshot:

The Snipping tool, an unknown option for many

Surprisingly, one of the most useful and effective alternatives that we find when looking to take a screenshot is almost unknown to most people. This version was integrated into Windows a long time ago, but for some reason users are unaware of its existence. We are talking about the Snipping tool.

To make a capture using the Snipping tool, simply press the Shift+Windows+S keys. After that we will see how a small menu has appeared at the top of our screen. This has four cropping options, which gives us the possibility to select the area that we intend to capture. In this way we will avoid filtering highly relevant data by mistake. Just by clicking, dragging the mouse to cover the area and releasing our capture, it will be copied to the clipboard. Now we must go to the chat and press Ctrl + V to insert the image.

The Print Screen key, our faithful companion

Surely this is the method that the vast majority know due to its extreme simplicity. Just by pressing the Print Screen key we will have a screenshot on the clipboard, even if your computer does not notify you, as in the previous case. The problem with this option is that it captures the entire screen, which can be problematic on certain occasions.

If we want to cut out a specific part of the screen we will have to go to Paint or Photoshop. As the first one is installed from the factory in the devices, we will use it as an example.

  1. Open the Paint program and press Ctrl+V. Now we will see that our capture has appeared on the canvas.

  2. In the Image section, click the Select option.

  3. Click and drag your mouse over the area you want to send.

  4. Head back to the Image section and hit Crop

  5. Go to File and select Save As.

Done, your capture would be ready to be sent. As you have seen, this option is later and rudimentary than the previous one. So the ideal would be to use other options, although the book of tastes is always blank.

A similar alternative, but straight to the point

This option is similar to the previous one, since we will also depend on the use of the Print Screen key. However, the peculiarity of this alternative is that the screenshot will be taken directly and will be stored in Computer> Images> Screenshots.

To do this we just have to press the Windows key + Print Screen and we will see how the screen has darkened for less than a second. Don't worry, nothing happens, this means that the process has been carried out correctly. Your capture has been stored in the location that we have provided in the previous paragraph. All you have to do now is select the image and crop it using the Windows tools.

These are some of the ways that exist to take a screenshot without spending time downloading and installing an application. As you can see, these are very simple to use, especially the first one. You can now make captures left and right. Uninstall the program you downloaded to capture and opt for these features that are included in all Windows 10 computers.