How to see the password of a saved WiFi in Windows 11 without installing anything


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Yubal Fernandez@Yubal_FM

We are going to explain how to obtain the password of a WiFi that you have saved on your Windows 11 PC, so that you can later share or reuse it. Windows stores these keys internally, but there is no easy way to access them later. However, you may have the WiFi saved on your PC but you don't remember, and you want to use it for other devices.

Therefore, we are going to explain two ways in which you can obtain WiFi keys saved on the PC. First, we will tell you how to know the password of the WiFi in which you are connected or connected at the moment. And later, we will tell you how to know the passwords of all the WiFi networks that you have been saving internally in Windows. And we are going to show it to you without you having to install any specific application that obtains these keys.

The password of the WiFi you are connected to

We are going to start by telling you how to obtain the key of the WiFi in which you are connected at the moment. For that, you have to enter the Windows configuration and click on the Network and Internet section in the left column. Once inside, go to the bottom, and click on the Advanced network configuration option.

You will enter a screen where you can obtain some information about your connections, but not the password. Here, what you should do is click on the More network adapter options option, which will appear at the bottom in penultimate place.

This will open a window of the old Windows control panel, in the options of your network connections. Here, right click on your WiFi, and in the context menu that will appear, click on the Status option. Here, you should know that this option is only available when you are connected to WiFi.

A Wi-Fi Status window will open, where you can see various information about your connection. In this window, click on the Wireless Properties button to enter the properties of the WiFi network you are on.

Another priority window will open. In it, go to the Security tab and click on the Show characters option. You will need to type the Windows administrator password to be able to view it, but when you do, you will see the WiFi password.

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The password of your saved WiFi networks

There is also a way that you can know the password of any WiFi that you have saved, including the one that you have connected to. For this, you have to open the Windows 11 Windows Terminal application, which is the one that unifies the command prompt with PowerShell.

When you open the Windows Termina application, you will have to type a series of textual commands in order to access the keys. First you have to write the netsh wlan show profile command as you see in the screenshot. When you do, you will be able to see a list with all the WiFi networks that you have saved on your computer

Once you have the list of WiFi networks, it's time to show the password of one of them. To do this, write the command netsh wlan show profile name=profilename key=clear replacing profilename with the name of the WiFi network whose password you want to know. The name has to be one of those that has appeared in the list with the previous command.

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And that's it, when you type the command, a list of WiFi data will appear. In it, where it says Content of the key, you will see the password of the WiFi on which you have requested information. You can repeat the command with the WiFi network you want.

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