How to record your computer screen (with and without programs)

Recording the screen of computers can become more than necessary for our day to day life, even more so with teleworking. Having videos of certain activities can help you in your work with colleagues at a distance or simply gives you an opportunity to recap certain daily actions that you do.

However, for many people it is difficult to do this because they do not fully know their computer, so in this mini-tutorial you will learn how to record the screen easily with and without programs.

How to record computer screen with programs

The first method to record screens is with third party software and most of them are free.

You can use different programs like Monosnap, RecordScreen, VClip or Free Online Screen Recorder, most of them free.

A software of my choice is OBS Studio, because it also allows me to edit the screens that I want to record, plus it is more complete and even specific.

To use OBS Studio, you must first download it.

Upon login, the screen will go black. To record our screen, we must go to “Sources” and hit the + symbol.

There, select "Screenshot".

After accepting the dialog box (which also allows us to import the scene from other recordings), we can choose between the capture method (set it to automatic), select which screen we want to record (if you have more than one) and also the option to show or hide the cursor. We must accept.

With the screen already selected, the image will appear in the recording space. There we can also edit if we want the audio from the desktop or the microphone that we use to be recorded.

Once ready, we click on “Start recording”. To finish recording, we press the same button.

We can configure the resolution and format of our recording in File > Settings > Broadcast. We can also select the folder in which we want to save the file.

How to record the screen of my PC without programs

Now, there is a program-free but somewhat limited version for recording PC screens: Windows 10 Game Bar.

This function will allow us to record everything except the desktop or the file explorer.

To start it, we must press the Win key plus G.

You need to select the Capture and Audio buttons at the top, which will open the settings for both.

You can take a photo, or record the entire screen with the left hand symbol.

You pause it with the red square button on the new menu.

And to see your recording, you put Win + G again and put “Show Captures”.

As simple as that.

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