Betech: Technology news how to upload photos to Instagram from the computer without applications

Instagram is undoubtedly one of the most popular social networks and used today.So much so, that it is usually one of the apps that does not usually miss in most smartphones.However, despite its great popularity, it is only focused on the use from the mobile phone.Yes, the truth is that we can see all the publications from the browser on the computer, but if we want to raise a publication or history, we will have no choice but to do it from the mobile.

Well, this is not true at all, since despite the fact that Instagram's own website does not allow it, we can use some tools that allow us to publish or upload photos to Instagram from the computer.

The truth is that the social network app offers the possibility of applying several filters to our photos, however, there are many who like to make certain touch -ups or need to edit the images before publishing them.Tasks we do from the computer, which means having to pass the photos to the computer, edit them, retouch them and then send them to the mobile to publish them.

However, everything would be much easier in these cases if after editing them we could publish them directly on Instagram from the PC.Luckily, there are some alternative tools, but there is also a small trick that allows us to make publications from the Instagram web version without having to install anything on our computer or mobile.

Publish photos on Instagram from the PC

BeTech: noticias de tecnología Cómo subir fotos a Instagram desde el ordenador sin aplicaciones

To do this, the first thing we have to do is go to the Instagram site on Google Chrome, log in to our account and then enable the developer tool with which Google's browser has.Something we can do with the simple fact of pressing the F12 key.

This will open a panel on the side of the browser with the source code of the page.Do not be scared, we will not have to touch anything from there.The only thing we are going to do is activate the mobile mode, something we can do with a click on the icon that we find in the upper bar of this panel with the icon of a mobile and a tablet.

We will automatically see that the Instagram web version is transformed and shows how we see it on the mobile.The only thing we have left is to click on F5 to update the page and show the icons at the bottom of the app to be able to click on the adding new content to Instagram.Now we can upload photos and publish them on the social network from the computer.