Commands and shortcuts to copy, cut and paste on macos

Using the mouse or trackpad

There is nothing simpler than carrying out this action by the secondary button of your mouse or trackpad, having only to follow these intuitive steps:

  1. Utiliza el ratón o trackpad para seleccionar el texto o archivos que quieres cortar o copiar. El proceso es sencillo, ya que simplemente debes ponerte al principio de texto, pulsar el botón derecho y arrastrar hasta el final del texto que quieres manipular (o pulsando con un solo dedo en el trackpad).
  2. Utiliza el botón derecho del ratón para hacer click secundario y seleccionar la opción de «Copiar» o «Cortar». Si estás utilizando un trackpad podrás hacer esta acción pulsando sobre la parte derecha de este si así lo tienes configurado o pulsando cualquier parte con dos dedos. Hay que decir que si la acción que quieres llevar a cabo es la de cortar, no encontrarás una opción llamada así para los archivos y es que para trasladarlos lo más sencillo es seleccionarlos y arrastrarlos hasta la carpeta donde los quieras pegar.
  3. Una vez te encuentres en la carpeta, documento o lugar donde quieras llevar tu texto o archivos debes de nuevo hacer click secundario con el ratón o trackpad y elegir la opción «Pegar».

Commands serving as a shortcut

As you have already seen, the above process is nothing complicated and identical to how it is done in Microsoft's system. Now, there are differences with Windows regarding keyboard shortcuts, having in these cases to use these combinations of keys for which we already warn you that the "control" key will not work:

  1. Selecciona el texto o archivos que quieres copiar/cortar y pulsa las teclas cmd+c en el caso de que quieras copiar o cmd+x si quieres cortar. Al igual que con el anterior metodo, para los archivos no podrás realizar esta opción de cortar salvo que selecciones y arrastres.
  2. Ve al documento, carpeta o lugar donde quieres pegar el archivo y pulsa cmd+v.

Other utilities of this function

In addition to the classics of copying and pasting texts and files without more, we can find other utilities in the system in reference to this process and that can help us to be more productive. Copy several items at once, whether ordered or not, proceed to copy images or extract the text from these... A few extra functionalities that, as we warn, we think we should know.

Copy multiple files at once

Comandos y atajos para copiar, cortar y pegar en macOS

We assume that you already know how to select multiple files on the Mac, copy them and paste them, as it is very simple and responds to the same procedure we have discussed earlier. Now, it's not so intuitive to know how to select files that are not sorted. That is, not to choose the ones that come in order and follow, but, for example, the one that appears first in the folder, then the one that is in fifth position, the one that is in tenth and eleventh...

Well, to do this you simply have to press the 'CMD' key at the same time as you click on the files you want to select. Once you have chosen everyone you can drop the key and it will be all a matter of choosing the procedure you want the most: secondary click and choose the 'copy' option, use the shortcut of 'CMD' +'C'or directly drag those files into a new folder.

Can images be copied?

Yes and no. In most cases, such as searching for images on Google, it is possible to find a possible photograph of transporting to another location. The way to do this is by means of the secondary button, clicking on 'copy' and then going to some application that allows it to be pasted. Whether in a photo editor, a word document or similar, you can paste the image.

However, it will not be possible to perform this action to take a photograph directly to a folder or to the desktop, as for these cases it would be necessary to save the image beforehand. In any case, it has to be said that some of them could be protected with copyright, as is the case with some texts, as we mentioned in the previous section.

Remove text from images

Copying and pasting the text of a text document or website is simple as you have already seen and in fact it is considered normal. But it's not so much being able to select text from images. Yes, yes, as you read it. It is possible to take a photograph of a paper text document (or anything else) and extract the text using the Mac in the same way as you would with a document that is already of digital origin.

This is known as the live text feature, which is not available on all computers. The requirements are:

Copy on iPhone or iPad and paste on Mac

In the known Apple ecosystem we can find synchronization functions between tremendously interesting devices, such as opening a Safari page from one of them and retrieving it on the other. The universal clipboard is another of the star functions in this area and it allows you to copy a text on the iPhone or iPad and paste it instantly on the Mac (and also the other way around).

The requirements for carrying out such a task are as follows:

The steps to follow once this is done are extremely simple and do not make much difference with doing it from a single device:

  1. En el primer dispositivo, selecciona un texto, foto, vídeo o cualquier otro contenido que desees copiar.
  2. Si estás en Mac, haz click secundario con el ratón o trackpad y elige la opción «Copiar». Si estás en un iPhone o iPad aparecerán encima esas opciones.
  3. Ve al otro dispositivo y haz el mismo proceso que harías para pegarlo normalmente.

It should be noted that CMD + V keyboard shortcuts are available on the Mac also for this universal clipboard. As you will see, it is a tremendously practical function if you want to do a task on the Mac that you had started on another device. And in case you were wondering, it also serves between two Mac as long as they meet the requirements mentioned above.