Can't you pass data to your external HDD?Fig it with 7 solutions

Enough of saying «I cannot copy files to my external hard drive«: We solve the problem with 7 contrasted methods that have already served for many.

Your external hard drive may be frozen when you decide to pass data from your internal to external unit.Well, it is a common mistake and that can be related to software, not just hardware.If it is an ancient unit, we will immediately think that it is because it has broken down, but we do not give up so soon.So, we offer you these solutions, we hope they work!

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Change the way of copying files

Yes, as easy as that.It may be a "bug" that prevents we can copy and paste using shortcuts (Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V), so try to copy the files using the right mouse click, for example.

Another of the options we offer you, is through some copied software, such as Teracopy, which is a free, simple and useful tool.

By the way!Try to change the USB port where you connect the external hard drive.If you see that it continues to fail, you just have to try another cable to certify that the problem is the external HDD.It is a solution that will not work for you all;Therefore, go to the next in order to finish.

What file system do you have?

An important factor to consider is the file system that the external hard drive has.The importance makes sense when we are using a Mac OS file system, which is not compatible with Windows (except Exfat or Fat32, which are compatible with both).Also, when we want to transfer files of a size greater than 4 GB and the file system is Fat32 (it will not leave us).

¿No puedes pasar datos a tu HDD externo? Arréglalo con 7 soluciones

In this case, the problem would be on the external hard drive, so we would have to format it (or not, look later) to change the file system.In Windows, it is done this way:

If you want to keep the external HDD data and it has a FAT32 file system, there is a possibility to pass it to NTFS without losing any data.Just do the following:

chkdsk d: /f
convert D: /FS:NTFS

Then, you can return to the properties of the external hard drive to see if the file system was changed.

Activate the "best performance" mode of the hard drive

Another way to solve the "I cannot copy files to my external hard drive" is to activate a better performance mode or profile from the device administrator.The solution is simple:

Repair erroneous sectors of the hard drive

It may be possible to solve the problem of not being able to copy files to the external hard disk by repairing erroneous sectors.To do this, follow these steps:

chkdsk F: /f /r /x

The errors will be repaired by checkdisk and we could already copy files to our external hard drive.

Uninstall the external unit controller

Volveremos a hacer uso del administrador de dispositivos para llevar a cabo esta solución. Lo abriremos como siempre> menú inicio> buscar administrador de dispositivos. Dicho esto, siempre podéis acceder a todas las herramientas de Windows mediante el Panel de Control.

With this it would have been enough, although you can try to do the same disabled and enable it again.


This solution worked in Windows 7, but we encourage you to try it in case you are in the situation of «I cannot copy files to the external hard drive«.It is about removing the reading attribute that the album can have, which prevents us from copying any file.

To do this, we will have to open the command console as before, but we warn you that you have to select the correct album:

list disk
select disk 1
atributes disk clear readonly

We only have to verify that it has been solved and we can already copy data to our external hard drive.


The last solution we propose is the download of the free USB FIX program, which will fix the USB unit.It is likely that "I can't copy files to my external hard drive" it happens to you because you have a virus on that hard drive.Therefore, USB Fix fixes the mess and "vaccine" the USB so that it is not infected in the future.

If the antivirus jumps when you download the program, calm, it is safe.

We hope this compilation of solutions has been helpful.If you have any questions, you can comment below and we will attend you immediately.

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