Can I upload photos to Instagram from my computer?Yes, and here we tell you how to achieve it, step by step

Social networks have become one of the most recurring ways in the communication of all people in the world, in them you can publish things and keep you socially active regardless of distances.If you are one of the people who like to publish things, here we tell you how to upload photos to Instagram without the need to use your cell phone.

You can do everything from your computer and in a clear brand we explain step by step how to make it possible.

How to publish photos on Instagram from your computer?Follow these 6 steps

  1. Inicia sesión con tu cuenta en algún navegador de tu computadora
  2. Se abrirá en el navegador un panel con el código fuente de la página
  3. Debes de hacer clic en la barra donde dice 'Móvil y Tablet'
  4. Después, automáticamente se verá la versión web de Instagram como en tu celular
  5. Le das en añadir nuevo contenido y listo

Do I need another extra application to publish without Instagram from the web?

To make these steps and publish an image to the social network, you only need to have an account and ready, you don't need another extra application to do so.

After the fallsapp fall, is everything normal?

¿Puedo subir fotos a Instagram desde mi computadora? Sí, y aquí te decimos cómo lograrlo, paso a paso

After several social networks fell on Monday, including Instagram, they already act normally and without any problem.

Photo: Reuters

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