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Microsoft will derail you to copy and paste a text from your mobile to your PC with your Phone app.

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The symbiosis between computers and smartphones is practically minimal. Both devices can be approached as most efficient productivity tools, and in fact you can. With the right applications you can work whenever and wherever you want, but if you have a computer with Windows 10 you can make much more use of your phone app with the new copy and paste option.

Copy and paste texts from your mobile to your PC

One of the applications you need to know if you have a smartphone and a computer with Windows 1 is your Phone. This app will allow you to use both items as one and soon you will have new options so you can work with them online and take advantage of their capabilities.

It turns out that Redmond's offices are working on new features for this app and the one they're going to launch will soon increase your productivity. It turns out that in the company they have realized that working from the two devices is something most common and so that you Don't have to look at the cell screen all the time, you'll have the possibility to copy a text and paste it directly into the word that you have on your computer.

BeTech: noticias de tecnología Cómo copiar y pegar un texto de tu móvil directamente a tu ordenador

That's how simple it is to run typical CTRL + C and CTRL + V of any electronic device, which now reaches Windows 10 if it is linked to your mobile. For this you must have the app activated and the phone synchronized with it. Then, in the settings you will have to activate the option of crossing the data you copy and paste on the two devices. Once selected, you will be able to do what we have told you in the previous paragraphs and forget to search the network again for the same windows that you have on your smartphone.

An alternative: Google's office apps

When drawing up a report, it's normal for you to need office apps. The best of all is that Google has yours online and if you have your session started on two different devices you can work from both without synchronization problems. This way, working with the same file from two different terminals is much simpler and more efficient.

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