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Here are the steps you need to follow to take a screenshot and save it on your PC.

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Your computer screen can also be a place from which you can take a picture. This is made possible by the screenshot commands, which have been around since the earliest versions of Windows. But times change as well as the tools that are used for this purpose and that is why we tell you how you can take a screenshot in Windows 10 and where they are saved.

The cropping tool at your service

One of the most basic tools that you need to master to take screenshots in Windows 10 is the snipping tool. This is the most modern that Redmond put at your service to take a picture of what you have on your computer screen. Activating it is as simple as searching for it in the system's Start menu or with the search tool. You will then have the option to select which part of the screen you want to photograph. Once the range has been created manually, the application will show you the result, giving you various basic editing options.

Afterwards, once the pertinent changes have been made, it is your turn to save the file. This is as simple as going to the File tab, selecting the output format and the place where it will be saved. Once you have chosen this you just have to go to the point where you saved it and recover it.

Print screen, the classic

Another way you have to take a screenshot in Windows 10 is by pressing a simple key. In addition, it is one of those keys that at some point you have wondered what they are for. This is true for all function keys, but print screen is one of them. This takes care of taking a picture of the screen while maintaining its resolution. This is important, because depending on the configuration of the screen that you have made in the operating system it will be bigger or smaller.

Then you will have to use an application where you can dump the content since you have done something like a Crtl+C to the screen. An easy option if you don't have a photo editing program is to dump it into Paint with the Crtl+V paste command. The image that the system has captured will automatically appear in its original resolution. Now, you just have to go to the File>Save path and select the destination point and the name of the new graphic file.

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